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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:51
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Scripps and Food Network can suffer from marketing myopia if the company only has a focus on the selling efforts and does not consider customers perspectives. For this purpose, there is a need to have a proper mission and vision statement for the company that can offer the company a direction for its efforts, and in this way, the company can avoid indulging into marketing myopia. Also, when the company can differentiate among its different targeting markets, then it will not face marketing myopia.Strategic marketing planning for Scripps and Food Network need to focus on different trends in the social-cultural environment to make company’s efforts successful. These trends can include the age of users of social media, as along with the gender, age is such a variable that provides the opportunity for easy and accurate segmentation. The company can also adopt the second mover strategy, according to which, it has to wait to get the right technology at the right time to make the marketing efforts more successful. Thirdly, using the social media, there can be awareness regarding the current trends in the consumer’s preferences.When a company makes use of social media then it is also liable to fulfill the social responsibility as now with the use of social media, the company gets the global access as well as interactive nature. This global access and interactive nature raise certain ethical issues. These can be addressed using the social responsibility pyramid—philanthropy; be a good corporate citizen. Thus, Scripps and Food Network to contribute to the highest level of the social responsibility pyramid—philanthropy, need to ensure that their customer’s data collected via social media must not go into unauthorized hands. In this way, the company can act as a good corporate citizen by adhering to required privacy standards.Scripps and Food Network is running different food shows, and these shows can be used to interact with fans and to get feedback and to make this a source of entertainment in digital and social media.ReferencesBoone, L. E., & Kurtz, D. L. (2013). Contemporary marketing. Cengage Learning.

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