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Published: 2021-07-07 00:13:28
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Date Turned In: August 25, 2017Time of Observation: 3:00-4:00 pm.Court name: Monroe County CourtName of the case: People v. David Defendant Name of the Judge: Hon. Gerald JudgeName of District Attorney (Assistant): Pamela ProsecutorName of the Attorney (Defense): Larry LitigatorCharges of the case:Illegal ownership of a weapon in the 2nd degree (two counts)Illegal ownership of a weapon in the 3rd degree (four counts)Trying illegal ownership of a weapon 3rd degree (one count)Illegal ownership of a weapon in the 4th degree (two counts)Proceeding of the Observed: Jury trialI witnessed the uninterrupted inspection and cross examination of the prosecution’s previous eyewitness, Agent Sam Malone of the Rochester Police Division. Agent Malone attested about his meeting of the defendant and the declaration that Mr. Defendant provided concerning the crimes in question. I also witnessed defense counsel’s motion for a hearing order of discharge and a conversation between the judge and the lawyers about the commands to be agreed to the panel before they considered. (“Court Observation Assignment | Barrister | Judge,” n.d.)The courtroom was too small, much lesser and less inspiring than I was predictable. I finished up sitting following to the perpetrator’s family, which made me a slightly uncomfortable. This was particularly the case because there were no additional viewers in the room. The public prosecutor had a big cart occupied with physical proofs in plastic and paper bags. (“Court Observation Report Edited | Courtroom | Government Institutions,” n.d.)The judge seemed to have belongings well in control in his court room and preserved the proceedings moving more professionally. He speaks evidently and clearly so that everybody in the court room could listen to him. Although, he showed some displeasure in his remarks and facial languages when the defense attorney. Mr. Litigator searched about through questioning. His prevention was clear, but it appeared unsuitable for the judge to show such feelings with the jury.The prosecutor delivered a large difference to the defense attorney. She was very self-confident and abrupt, nearly to the opinion of impoliteness. She did not shuffle documents or take extensive silences during inquiring to check her proceedings. She just inquired queries in a very straight, brief way. Ms. Prosecutor observed very specialized in traditional dark uniform and little heels. Her entrance in no way lessened from her presentation. (“Court Room Observation Paper – 3284 Words | Cram,” n.d.)There was a second attorney hearing with Mr. Litigator at the defense bench. I did not hear his name because he was seated in his chair without saying a word. I believed this was very strange and unsuitable manners for an advocate in a courtroom.Deputy Deaver (a law officer for the court) was enormously helpful. He clarified the circumstance of the case and delivered me with a print of the docket listing the term of the case, the names of the attorneys, and the custodians.I was enjoyable astonished to receive Inv. Malone appear about how he counseled Mr. Defendant of his Miranda moralities and around his following renunciationThis court watch strengthened my impression from an earlier involvement that a portion of what goes on in the court room is particularly annoying. I think that I was gone with that impression in part because the defense attorney’s questioning was so uninspiring. Even he appeared to drop attention in what he was achieving. I found it very astonishing that Mr. Defendant selected to go to the hearing when he had admitted to the police. I deliberated if he decides to take his chances at trial. However, he had the slight chance of winning, just because the D.A. did not propose a reasonable appeal bargain.ReferencesCourt Observation Assignment | Barrister | Judge. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2017, from Observation Report Edited | Courtroom | Government Institutions. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2017, from Room Observation Paper – 3284 Words | Cram. (n.d.). Retrieved August 26, 2017, from

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