“crazy courage,” “Mexican begin Jogging,” “one day you look for me” and “Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla” Poem Analysis

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:09
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The poems “crazy courage,” “Mexican begin Jogging,” “one day you look for me” and “Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla” (Not here nor there) are all the work of art. These poems were written by different authors and at different times and they are entirely different in their style and language, but the main idea of all these pomes is courage. The courage of being different and living in a different world. Crazy courage is a description of a boy who came to the class in women’s clothes. The author described the boy as a courage’s person who is admired and appreciated by both his haters and his friends because of his courage. The next poem is about a Mexican who is working in a factory in America. The author was a legal immigrant from Mexico, but when the border patrol came, he also had to run because it is a general perception that all Mexicans are illegal. The poem also described the conditions in which he was working in the rubber factory. He hopes that his identity won’t be an issue in the future. The next poem is one day when you look for me is a poem portraying authors feeling. The poet is saying that one day he will be gone to an unknown place. It is difficult to tell where the author is going or to whom he is talking. The last is a song by a Mexican-American. The author describes his mixed feeling towards the new country American and the country he belonged to, i.e., USA.There are three broad types of poetry lyric poetry, narrative poetry and descriptive poetry (Madden, 2009). Crazy courage is descriptive poetry in which a personality of a boy was described by the author. The main idea of the poem is courage. The first impression I got from reading this poem was that confidence is what matters nothing else. The author was successful in giving this message of courage to the world and said that if you have the courage you will be powerful and a winner. The next poem Mexican begin jogging is narrative poetry in which the poet narrated his story. The central theme of this poem is also courage as it describes the courageous life of a Mexican who is living in American.The poem tells the condition of Mexicans in the US and gives an impression that it takes courage to come and live in such a country where you were not welcomed. The poet justified his main idea with his beautiful words and my reflection was the same. One day you look for me is a lyric type of poetry where the author is describing his feelings of sadness (Blasing, 2009). It takes courage to leave your loved ones, and the poet was fruitful in presenting this central idea. Although the place and addressee of the poet are not clear but the central idea is quite clear and is easily attained by the readers. The last song is also type lyrics, and the writer depicts confused feelings towards his country Mexico. The lyrics of this song portray the central idea that the writer wants to reflect.Poetry is a form of literature dating back to the Greek period. The writing style of poetry has changed since its origin. Early poems were folklore and were used to retell epic stories. Poetry at that time has more emphasis on the aesthetics of words and style (Heidegger, 1971) This was the thing which distinguished it from other types of writings. The main ideas were more complex and challenging to catch. The writing style has changed now, the ideas and more prominent and easy to catch and the wordings are not complicated.ReferencesBlasing, M. K. (2009). Lyric poetry: the pain and the pleasure of words. Princeton University Press.Heidegger, M. (1971). Poetry, language, thought.Madden, F. (2009). Exploring literature: Writing and arguing about fiction, poetry, drama, and the essay. Pearson Longman.

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