Cultural Differences in Communication

Published: 2021-07-06 06:34:39
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Cultural differences impact on the business culture and hinder business growth. Many skilled employees originate from backgrounds with different culture (Moran, Abramson, & Moran, 2014). Convening a meeting with people coming from round the world could be tiring but there are ways an individual can institute such a challenge.Convening a meeting requires fundamental information of ‘how and what’ will be the outcome of the meeting. The best way I will start the meeting is by introducing all the members available. State and explain the purpose of the meeting and specifically outline the agenda. The introduction will create a basis for welcoming contributions from the members so as to avoid confusion. The members from different cultures have an open forum to contribute to the meeting. Similarly, a meeting has an ending. Therefore, to end a meeting, clarity must uphold. I will reserve the last ten minutes for this purpose. The time reserved will cater for a brief summary of the expectation. A list of to do’s is provided and the next actions to take listed to ensure the implementation of all that is discussed.In the meeting, I will ensure that the agendas depict the essence of the meeting. Documentation of attendance and take notes is important for future references. The agenda must reflect equality and not biased. I will ensure that I provide a weekly progress report which will help us measure our performance against our standards.The posting by my classmate covers cultural difference as a hindrance to economic and social development. The positing is agenda based but lacks more emphasize on critical matters. From the posting I would like to know; who is entitled to do a given function? Which is the most key areas of the project should be given priority? What value will the new project add to the expected outcomes? What relevant decisions undertaken will benefit the owners? How will the project minimize the challenge of cultural differences?I would need clarity on what next step of action will be undertaken and how the agendas will impact on the new project.My posting differs from my classmates at the point of starting and ending the meeting. At the end my fellows indicate any other business and wind up the meeting whereas in my posting ten minutes are reserved for summarizing the agenda and stating the next step of action.ReferencesMoran, R. T., Abramson, N. R., & Moran, S. V. (2014). Managing cultural differences. Routledge.

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