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DECISION MAKINGThe objective of all organizations in the world is to make a profitable business. As a result, most of the company of organizations require proper management to run the procedures well. In such situation, the objective of any management is to make better decisions and service delivery to the company. Some management leaders might opt to make equitable and efficient management leadership programs to ensure all members feel appreciated. The management needs to experience equitable approach to do well. Such objectives can be realized if significant resources for services providers and tools work well. Some finances, hardware and the staff need to work efficiently to ensure all the management enjoy the best fruits of the company. The inclusion of the employee satisfaction and equipment used need to coordinate to ensure proper services delivery. In such a manner proper organizational development needs establishment to ensure the survival of a failing business. This paper discusses better development strategies of a leader for a successful business.Developing management skills in the company helps to determine the success of the business. Managerial, interpersonal skills act as major considerations for managers when sizing up employee’s management abilities. According to Levin & Nolan (2014), many organizations fall due to poor management. As a manager, one needs to deal with employees perfectly. Tactical skills in management help to drive the workforce very well and ensure proper running of the processes. In dealing with employees, emotional intelligence helps a lot in understanding the employee requirements. All managers need to evaluate and understand the emotions of different employees within the company. Leaders need to employ understanding ability with the employees. Understanding people, concerning their profession, helps to grow confidence in one’s duty to success.Moreover, as a supervisor, and the individual must employ flexibility and listening skills to the employees. Managers need to understand situational changes within the company. Being open to change provides an opportunity for employees to present their grievances to the bosses to ensure equity and satisfaction. A good leader must critically, consider good assessment and planning of events like employees training. It is possible to practice employee motivation within the company to ensure every person feels confident and satisfied. Human resources management helps to ensure better processes within the company. Leaders limit employee turnover by training, motivating and providing incentives to the workforce.Furthermore, all hardware and systems must work effectively to ensure better results. People need to integrate relevant skills and essential for better performance. Managers ensure the proper organization of the available resources. Managers must learn the management skills and methods when dealing with employees from different places. Some employees need proper resources like computers and software. Such considerations work to realize optimum results. A good leader must often express a sense of establishing a mission for the organization. Employees work best when they focus on a specific goal.As a manager or a leader, it is essential to apply change strategies in the organization to ensure proper adherence to new policies from the traditional way of doing things. Some change strategies might include the use of feedback from the employees. The feedback from the employees helps to deliver results of the job completed within a company. A manager must also stay informed about the processes done in other companies related (Zsambok & Klein 2014). Encouraging regular meetings within the organization helps to evaluate the employees’ satisfaction and issues affecting them. Such meetings help to improve the performance and include new ways of work in the organization.Presence of better tactical skills helps to increase performance in the company. Proper hardware in the company makes work easier for many employees. Additionally, provision of technical skills in utilization of the machines and other resources in the company motivate the workers to learn and use their knowledge to increase production. As a result, managers need a proper organization of tools and skills to realize better results within a company.MemoDECISION MEMORANDUMTO: CEO Connells Business companyFROM: Jones, Firm’s senior managerSUBJECT: Criteria to determine whether a manager is making good decisionsMaking important decisions for an organizationProper decision making in an organization help to improve production and better management approaches within the company. Understanding appropriate decision-making approaches work best for the small and large organizations. There exist several criteria to evaluate the better decisions within an organization.This section ought to discuss the criteria for a manager to test good decision making approaches.Firstly, it is essential to identify the best decision to implement. In such connection, better objectives of the organization need evaluation to ensure that the decisions made correlate with objectives of the company. Such an approach helps to determine the strategies for better results within the company.Further, it is possible to brainstorm and establish several possible choices to improve the company production. As a manager, ought to determine whether available options are compatible with the organizational values and interests. An automobile company owns different values from a manufacturing company. Such evaluation helps to make decisions tailored to the corporate development strategies and missions.Another criterion is to evaluate the probability of the possible results. In such a case, as a supervisor, I need to assess the negative implications of the decisions made affecting the organization. Meaningful evaluations assist in taking a specific decision with a lot of weight and avoiding another one.The current world experience challenges with decision making. There exist some factors that influence the decisions of the organization. As a result, it is possible to check and implement the decisions that only influence the company positively.

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