Delhi Business Environment

Published: 2021-07-06 06:25:13
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ABSTRACTAfter a comprehensive research on the business and project management environment in Delhi, the group analyzed some of the environmental factors affecting the business and project management. The group also did an evaluation of the very suitable times to hold business meetings in Delhi and assembled the report below.From a demographic angle of analysis, Delhi is currently the most sought after location for starting new ventures followed by Mumbai and Bengaluru thereafter. The reasons below therefore are to be put into real consideration when one talks of putting up an investment in Delhi. Though there are a number of challenges atop being in regulations, taxation and work ethics .the size of a domestic market and its closeness to customers are the major factors that make Delhi conducive to business.The policy guidelines are currently streamlined through the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).also along this is rationalizing the rules and simplified processes. The government puts a major emphasis on infrastructure through investing in among others smart cities. Much more also is in transport renewable energy and infrastructure.In the financial sector, the Bharti Airtel, HDFC, State bank of India an open opportunity is offered for Delhi and Indian investors to get financial support through the UK. This is a major offer that is up for investor’s grab. The new government is keen on creating and advancing hi-tech, complex IT and ITeS industries according to the latest Industrial Report for Delhi 2010-21 to promote entrepreneurship and innovation .In conclusion, a suitable meeting time is 08:00 Toronto time that is 17:30 Delhi time.ReferencesA cross-cultural comparison of ethical attitudes of business managers: India Korea and the United StatesP Maria Joseph Christie, Ik-Whan G Kwon, Philipp A Stoeberl, Raymond BaumhartJournal of Business Ethics 46 (3), 263-287, 2003Global Economy & Business Environment: Text & CasesFrancis CherunilamHimalaya Publishing House, 2001Business environment and public policy: implications for management and strategy formulationRogene A BuchholzPrentice Hall, 1986

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