Dez Bryant’s Release Signals New Era for Dallas Cowboys

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:35
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Authors: Gregg RosenthalJournal: The NFL Editor (NFL News)Date: April 13, 2018Summary: Rosenthal reviews the decision of Dallas Cowboys, which is a football team playing on NFL level, of cutting Dez Bryant out of the team. The article provides the complete overview of the incident and discusses the various reasons that the team could no longer rely on the player, who had performed excellently last season. The Cowboys believed that Dez would not be productive in the future due to his several foot surgeries and his lack of effort to be helpful in the team as a wide-receiver (Rosenthal, 2018).Author’s Conclusion: Rosenthal concludes that Dallas Cowboys have cut-off similarly important figures from the team in the past, which has not affected their performance. Hence, this might be the best decision for them and they will strive to get better.Critique and Analysis of the Article: The article addresses the issue of Dez Bryant and his redundancy from the Dallas Cowboy football team. It throws light on the history of the team in making similar decisions about well-known and competitive players, who contributed to the team’s success. The article is clearly one-sided which justifies the decision of the team and shows the bright side of a major player leaving the team. Moreover, it fails to offer differences in opinions and the story of Dez Bryant and his contribution towards the team, just a year ago. Rosenthal has structured his article in a form which reduces the significance of the event.Areas for Further Inquiry:The article requires to mention Dez Bryant’s side of the story and add the in-depth detail of the event. Moreover, it needs to emphasize the importance of the event and how it might affect the team in future. It is crucial to discuss the background and the various events that built up to the final decision.Dez Bryant Posts Video Working Out With Odell Beckham, Could A Deal With Giants Be Next?Authors: Will BrinsonJournal: CBS SportsDate: April 21, 2018Summary:Dez Bryant’s recent dismissal from the NFL football team of Dallas Cowboys has taken the media by storm. Every recent activity and update regarding the player raises new questions and provides a stage for rumors. The article talks about Bryant’s recent social media update, which shows him hanging out and working out with Odell Beckham, who is the wide-receiver for New York Giants. This has increased the rumors that the former player of Cowboys will play for the Giants to oppose his previous team. (Brinson, 2018).Author’s Conclusion: Brinson concludes that the two opposing football players have been spotted hanging out several times and the rumors can be entirely false. There are no new updates for Dez Bryant as a football player.Critique and Analysis of the Article:The article addresses the rumors, with initially adding fuel to the fire but finally giving a judgment about the false stories. Brinson provides a one-sided story supporting the player and his decision of joining an opposition team. He provides an opinion for choosing the players and how Bryant will be helpful to the Giants. Moreover, the article is subjective and lack information regarding several factors that are crucial for the audience to understand.Areas for Further Inquiry:The article raises many questions regarding the discussion and relation between the former player of Dallas Cowboys and his decision of joining the opposing team. It fails to provide details of the matter and why such rumors are created in the first place. This requires further research and quotes from several players regarding the rumors.ReferencesBrinson, W. (2018). Dez Bryant posts video working out with Odell Beckham, could a deal with Giants be next? Retrieved from, G. (2018). Dez Bryant’s release signals new era for Dallas Cowboys. Retrieved from

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