Discuss the findings by Ogle and Beers (2009) regarding the positive effects of technology in the classroom (p.201)

Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:50
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Share any personal experience you have had with technology use in your education. Write a personal narrative concerning your experience with technology.Are you a “digital native?” Do you know how to use technology in learning? Has to be written from the perspective of a teacher.As per the findings of Ogle and Beers, technology helps improve the learning experience of the students. Instead of taking a passive role of a listener of information, students partake in a more active approach when technological instruments are used in classrooms. Students have more liberty to explore, manipulate and display information which helps them make more conscious choices regarding their academics. The skillsets attained through the technology is diverse; understood across different cultures and economic classes.Having been privileged to study at the best school with top class faculty and teaching instruments, I was introduced to the use of technology from an early age. I had a student, named Sarah, who had difficulty in paying attention in class, therefore, was usually left behind in class. I introduced a computer-based training in class which featured multimedia and virtual reality to teach simple concepts. The computer-based tasks involved assignments that consisted of no more than 15-minute activities. This approach captured the attention of all the students and not just Sarah to achieve a sense of accomplishment and retain information. This initiative helped them perform better as it seemed more like a game than the traditional learning.Considering that I have been exposed to technology and internet from an early age, I believe I am a digital native. Most of my courses involve technological tools such as presentations, online lecture videos, hyperlinks and hypermedia which helps learning from diverse sources and perspectives. Since the attention and focus span is declining among students, we need online collaborative platforms and easy to watch and understand illustration to grasp complex phenomenon. Moreover, the learning management systems being introduced in learning institutions have shown to have helped students by providing a wholesome view to all their in-class work, assignments and grading instruments. This also help making the system more transparent and easier to navigate through for both, the students and the instructors. Students seem more active and engaged when using technology to execute a certain task.

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