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Published: 2021-07-07 00:20:24
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There are two types of social units in which the living and nonliving things exits. These units could be smaller or lager and there a term that describes both units collectivity which is known as community. The community could have something in common like in the form of norms, religion, standards, or individuality. Communities also share some places that specifically covers the entire geographical area for example it could be a country, township, city, or locality or in cybernetic space that are helpful to maintain the communication. Long-lasting relations that spread beyond instant genealogical connections also describe a sense of community (James, Nadarajah, Haive, & Stead, 2012).A community has its assets and these are helpful to maintain the structure and growth of community. It could be nothing that can maintain the development of community. One of the most important asset of community is the person who is living in it and have the ability to transform its structure. Then there are some physical structures and places including the school, church, hospital, library, center of recreation as well as social club. These are the landmarks of community so also one of the important asset of it. Then the public transportation, education institutes, communication centers and different types of business are important and outstanding asset of community.One of the biggest challenge of community is to maintain its surroundings and also make some developments without destroying it. People are making numerous education centers, transportation ways but while all these things the community is being destroyed. It is our responsibility to save community such challenges and it can be done through many ways. There must be opportunity to have education of residents’, surfacing of complete new ideas and gaining buy in early on. In this way the community can be prevented from destruction and these are some biggest challenge of community that need solution for the survival of community.Community also face challenge if there is no source of earning for most of the individuals. Also the person having low income are rejected by the community so most of the unemployed persons are there in my community and there is need to overcome this situation. This one is the biggest challenge of my community because it ultimately effects the developmental level of community. There must be structure orientation in the community, so the challenges will overcome.The most striking things about community is the difference among my community and the neighborhood. It is in the form of development, resources as well as education. All these things are lacking in my community. Though in some areas ratio of these things is higher as compared to other but when compared overall with neighborhood communities there is lacking of resources. In this way my community is underdeveloped. This one is the most striking thing about my community.There are some unexpected facts of my community too. My community is helpful to meet the need of most of the persons living in there. The land is agricultural land and most of the people are using it as a resource to earn money. The condition of weather is also in the favor of land so the agricultural profession is one of the main profession in my community and it is unexpected thing. Community is one the place that carries the person individually, physically, mentally and emotionally. My community provides space to carry all these things. There must be a suitable land that can carry burden of your as well as others. My community is also helpful to reveal the gifts and talents of each and every type.Successful communities give attention towards aesthetics and my community is also one of them. It is having control on numerous things including the control on signs, lots of plants and trees in street as well as on road sides too and also protecting the historical places that are view able by most of the people. It is also encourage new construction in the form of transportation that fits in with the current community. So the aesthetic quality of my community is positive one and beautiful. As it encourages the tourist to come and visit, if it will be like ordinary one then no one would like to visit. So my community is unique so the rate of tourism is also high.Health is the capability of a natural (biological) system to obtain, transform, distribute, allocate, and utilization of energy with extreme proficiency that is helpful to perform the functions on daily basis. Health is the condition or a feeling through which a person realizes that everything is going well and body is enjoying while you are working. This is positive form of health and if these things doesn’t happen then it will be negative health. In this case the body don’t allow you to work properly and demand more rest than usual. There must be a good diet and healthy routine for positive condition of health.If the health will be good then the body will be able to perform all kind of work including the physical, psychological, and social well-being and not only the nonexistence of disease or illness. There is a strong relationship among health and community. If the community is well then the person will be healthy and if the community is not in the favor of health there will be disturbance in work. In my community the environmental condition is not in the favor of health. There is lots of pollution in the form of Nosie, air and water. Nosie pollution is increasing day by day because of transportation system.So it is not in the favor of health. Form earlier till now there is negative influence of environment on health. As the time is passing it is increasing and in this way my community is not the healthy one. Air pollution is increasing because of the smoke produced by the transport and it is increasing lots of respiratory disease. Before providing the facilities the human health must be kept in mind and my community is lacking in this. There is need to solve these solutions that are not in the favor of health as well as community. These things are not only effecting the human health but also effecting the health of community. Community health depends upon its beauty and that is through plants and trees. Pollution is not in the favor of community beauty too so if it is not in the favor of community how it can be in the favor of individuals living in that community.There is a strong relationship of community with diversity too. Diversity can be of any form. Like it could be in the form of different jobs, numerous plantation and ways of learning. So diversity is the range of different things and materials that collectivity forms a proper community. It is also the variability among living creatures from all foundations containing, entomb alia, extra-terrestrial, marine and additional aquatic environments and the environmental multiplexes through which they are a portion; this contains diversity surrounded by species, among different species and of ecosystems. All these things combine together and forms the community.By looking at the previous definition of community and compared with today, it is clear that my community is the diverse one. Let’s take the example of tourism, my community is full of tourist and people love to visit it. The question is why? The answer is because of its diversity. There are unique places to visit throughout the community and people from different culture lives there so it is diverse. So it encourages the tourist to come and visit, if it will be like ordinary one then no one would like to visit. So my community is unique and diverse so the rate of tourism is also high.There are some recommendations which are helpful for the health and diversity of community. There is the need to use the Groovy Green Living. With the help of education the green idea must be shared among the individuals living in the community. Try to create a healthy environment in your own home, in this way the whole community will be healthier. There is also need to use your own voice on the issue that is in the favor of your community as well as your health.The development in community can takes place if there will be resources for the development and these resources can be increased with the help of funding. If there will be more funding the community will be more diverse and healthier. You need to talk with the neighbors, friends and family members that how community can be improved, in this way more ideas will originate for the development of community. There is need to pass the information on the importance of healthy community and it can be done with the help of education and communication. Communicate different people who don’t have idea about the health of community. All these things are helpful in the improvement of health and diversity of community.ReferencesJames, P., Nadarajah, Y., Haive, K., & Stead, V. (2012). Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Development: Other Paths for Papua New Guinea. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

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