Does knowing the personal, social, and political context of a work of art has a bearing on how to judge the art in question?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:21:36
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An artwork in simple language may be referred to as a spectacular moment caught in time. Regardless of its form be it film, literature or a painting, the aim of that piece of work is to keep a record of certain events those which the artists desire to share with other people. For a person to be able to judge an artwork thoroughly, and in details, they understand the political, personal and social context of that particular piece of work.At times it can become challenging to describe something that you do not know or that which you do not have sufficient information about. Therefore, one must be able to understand various factors like; who is the artist responsible for designing the artwork? When was the artwork designed? What inspired the artist to come up with such a piece? What is the role of the artwork in the society? And very many more questions. Without understanding the three primary contexts of the artwork, it becomes difficult to develop or even understand some of the questions mentioned above. In turn, this makes it difficult to judge the art in question. Each one of these contexts plays an important role in understanding the desired artwork. They are the guidelines that assist you as a party interested in judging a work of art to be able to see what other people do not see in that artwork. The Political, social, and personal context familiarizes you to the artwork, and they help you to interpret and analyze the hidden and deep meanings that the artists incorporate in their work of art. As a final point, these three context of artwork are therefore important in the study of any form of artwork. Hence, without knowing these frameworks, one may never be able to answer questions related to artwork.

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