Does Marijuana and Alcohol Affect the Body?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:20
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Drug abuse is an international threat that attacks nations. The countries affected by the problem have sorted ways to reduce the consumption of harmful substances. A nation with a high level of drug consumption does not seem to be economically stable. The reason is the laxity and side effects that the substances contain. Similarly, the people tend to develop a tendency which does not well-defined perception. The drug addicts face many challenges and end up suffering from serious diseases that may not have a cure. The drugs when combined will have multiple effects on the lives of people. Both physical and non physical effects, internal and external problems arise from the consumption of harmful substances. Problems such as accidents and drugs can be avoided if drugs could not be used while driving.Marijuana is among the drugs highly abused in some countries. Other countries declare the drug illegal, and others have legalized the consumption of cannabis indica. The argument basis is on whether marijuana causes fatal accidents or not. The truth is that bhang smokers involve in very grisly accidents. Most of the road users consider the road as a means used for transportation purposes. Various motor vehicles and other related means of transport use the roads as the passage and gateway to their destination. This observation requires the stakeholders to act with cautious when using the roads to avoid accidents. Due to the stated reasons, the stakeholders discourage the use of drugs when driving due to the negative effects they cause to n individual. Marijuana has diverse effects that will increase the degree of insanity of an individual who smokes weed in large quantities and mixes other drugs with bhang.Bhang has side effects that result in hallucinations. The effect is dangerous in all situations since the consumer will be absent-minded and above all will tend to see imaginary things. He will see things that cannot happen in the real world. Assuming the driver smokes bhang and decides to drive the vehicle, what happens next? The hallucinations which include seeing different things differently and to an extent see things in a pair may end up leading to a costly accident. The reaction of the body hormones creates an imbalance that make changes within the personnal body.According to Robbe, (1998), the effects of marijuana are not immense as compared to the consumption of both marijuana and alcohol at the same time by the same individual. The alcohol creates diverse effects that would result to loss of sight or even occurrence of death. Not only alcohol and marijuana leads to accidents, they also affect  the body systemnegatively. The result of the inhalation would cause a permanent damage to body tissues. Smoking of bhang and drinking of alcohol are bad habits within the society. Marijuana can be inhaled through various ways;it can be eaten, smoked, brewed and vaporized. The tetrahydracannabinol is a chemical that is responsible for intoxication. The recent marijuana creates an environment that is difficult to know the longterm and short term effects of weed. The smoke released contain the chemical that is released into the blood stream through the lungs. The same points affected by heroin, alcohol and tobacco are targeted by bhang. A ffeling of euphoria is experienced within the brain which stimulate the cells that release dopamine.The experience of a heightened sensory perception is more commin with the consumers viewing colours to be more vivid and the noise heard to be louder. Marijuana alters the perception of the individuals and they are affected from the view of time to their appetite. A person can also experience a short term  memory problem. The person will not recall some of the important facts and may forget some basic things. Marijuana is considered as a pain relief drug that is consumed by people that are in pain. Panic and fear accompanies the smokers of bhang. They will always paic whenever they perform a task. They will be afraid of oblivious things. This effect is dangerous to individuals smoking bhang while driving. At this point, we can conlude that bhang can lead to fatal accidents. Sometimes the concentration of individuals is lost and they end up losing focus. Due to the impact created by bhang, it becomes difficult to accept the effects especially by individuals already addicted. Mental illness can be as a result of the effects of weed in the brain cells.The cells are stimulated and at some point may over react leading to diverse effects. The impact of heightening has a significant effect since most consumers will feel depresse and may be extremely tired. Effects of marijuana in the body are depicted in the respiratory. May respiratory diseases can emerge from the ingestion of marijuana (Huestis, Gorelick, Heishman, Preston, Nelson, Moolchan, & Frank, 2001). Those who smoke bhang have increased daily coughs. Coughs that are dry and which are as a result of the chemical reaction between the body cells and the smoke from bhang. Acute chest pains experienced are frequent to persons that consume bhang. It leads to bronchitis which is a disease affect the chest. Lung infections could also be diverse according to the research conduct by the World Health Organization. The heart rate can be raised by smoking marijuana. According to Hubbard, Marsden, Rachal, Harwood, Cavanaugh, & Ginzburg, (1989), the heart rate can be raised by twenty percent. According to medical doctors, the rate is not effective since it exposes an individual to diseases.Alcohol on the other side has the same impact as bhang smoking. Similar to bhang, the rate of alcohol consumption is very high and has caused significant number of deaths. The deaths are due to its dangerous effects in the body tissues. Alcoholhas various concentration that are varied according to the brand and companies involded in its manufacture. According to the article in the New York Times, low levels of alcohol consumption can have lesser effects as compared to excessive alcohol consumption (Rice, Kelman, Miller, & Dunmeyer, 1990). Alcohol can cause inflammatory damage to the body. The liver is a soft tissue and has a task of purifying blood. It also helps in the removal of harmful substances from an individuals body. Continous consumption of alcohol affetcts the process of breaking down and removal of toxic substances in the body. By this interference the body is exposed to liver diseases (Hawkins,  & Catalano Jr, 1992).. The body also faces a risk of chroni inflammation. Liver cirrhosis disease attacks the liver and a person will lack control of some process in the body. Once alcohol affects the tissues it is difficult to replace the tissues hence a person only waits for the worst to happen. The defense mechanism within the body weakens and allows diseases to attack a person at any time.Reduce sugar levels is another effect of alcohol consumption. The organ responsible for sugar balance is the pancreas. The pancrease controls the body insulin which helps to produce glucose. Reduce blood sugar level is dangerous to the body system. A person experiences hypoglycemia when the pancres and liver are affected. Alcohol is responsible for an immense damage on the central nervous system. The system affects the individual and may have a hard time in balancing.  Alcohol makes the body to lack a defensive mechanism. Amechanism which it uses to fight against disease attcks. Circulatory sytem diseases could be as a result of alcohol presence in the body. High blood pressure is a complication developed out of alcohol consumption. Heart attack and heart diseases can find their roots from the consumption of alcohol (Hubbard, Marsden, Rachal, Harwood, Cavanaugh,  & Ginzburg, 1989).  Alcohol has claimed the life of many individuals who have consumed alcohol in large quantities. Brilliant minds disappear from the world due to alcohol. Drugs have a longterm effect which may be irreversible due to the permanent damage caused on the tissues and other organs of the body.In conclusion, drug abuse is dangerous to human beings and their environment. Thedrugs weakens body tissues and exposes the body to dangerous diseases. The diseases such as liver cirrhosis and cancer which are incurable. In my opinion, heavy penaltiesshould be imposed to any individual abusing drugs. They should be isolated from the rest so as they can receive special treatment including guidance and counselling. Various programs should be improvised to assist in creating awareness of the effectsof drug and substance abuse. Therefore, by carrying out the mentioned activities it becomes easy to control the usage and sell of drugs in a nation. More steps required to make the life of people more comfortable. The measures should include punishable acts that will aim at punishing the drug sellers and users. Additionally, we are supposed to be concerned about our life. The dynamics and various inventions made in the world today have left a gap that requires the knowledge from people to pass the issue. The policies established by the government should focus on the health situation of the people. The policies should correspond to those that exist and be in line with those of other governments in order to eliminate the problem of drug abuse.ReferencesHawkins, J. D., & Catalano Jr, R. F. (1992). Communities that care: Action for drug abuse prevention. Jossey-Bass.Hubbard, R. L., Marsden, M. E., Rachal, J. V., Harwood, H. J., Cavanaugh, E. R., & Ginzburg, H. M. (1989). Drug abuse treatment: A national study of effectiveness. University of North Carolina Press.Huestis, M. A., Gorelick, D. A., Heishman, S. J., Preston, K. L., Nelson, R. A., Moolchan, E. T., & Frank, R. A. (2001). Blockade of effects of smoked marijuana by the CB1-selective cannabinoid receptor antagonist SR141716. Archives of general psychiatry, 58(4), 322-328.Rice, D. P., Kelman, S., Miller, L. S., & Dunmeyer, S. (1990). The economic costs of alcohol and drug abuse and mental illness: 1985. DHHS Publication No.(ADM), 90, 1694.Robbe, H. (1998). Marijuana’s impairing effects on driving are moderate when taken alone but severe when combined with alcohol. Human Psychopharmacology-Clinical and Experimental, 13(2), S70.

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