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There is a common misconception among cigar and pipe smokers that their habits are safer than the smoking of cigarettes. However, this is false since all tobacco products can carry equal health dangers and can lead to similar health problems. The only difference between cigars, pipes, and cigarettes is their design. While cigarettes are wrapped using thin papers, cigars are rolled in tobacco leaves, and they normally lack filters. In the use of pipes, tobacco is placed in a bowl at the end, and a stem is used to link the bowl to the mouthpiece (Rao, 2013). Pipes are designed to be equipped with filters.Despite the differing designs, all three carry equally severe health risks. It also presumed by medics that cigar and pipe smoking could be far much dangerous than cigarettes. One large cigar contains over a half ounce of tobacco which is higher than a packet of cigarettes. The three types of tobacco can result in cancer more particularly mouth, esophagus and larynx cancer (Rao, 2013). Oral cancer is known of developing any part the smoke touches such as mouth, lips, tongue, and throat.There has been the assessment of drugs and their addictiveness. The main drugs considered in the evaluation are tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs such as cannabis and cocaine. All drugs are addictive, but the illegal drugs have more severe adverse impacts on a user’s health. Illicit drugs may lead to unconsciousness, blackouts, cardiovascular and lung infections, cancer, stroke as well as mental illnesses. Nerve cells are also in the peripheral nervous system and in the brain may also be damaged. Illegal drugs are linked to both mental and physical effects. They may lead to frail health and physical appearance, and they can lead to death ultimately especially in cases of an overdose. Illegal drugs can also cause psychological concerns such as psychosis, depression and severe anxiety (Levy, 2017). This, therefore, means that illicit drugs have more grave and serious effects on a person as compared to alcohol and tobacco.ReferencesLevy, J. (2017). The War on People who Use Drugs. Milton: Taylor and Francis.Rao, B. (2013). Effect of Cigarette and Cigar Smoking on Peak Expiratory Flow Rate. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND DIAGNOSTIC RESEARCH. http://dx.doi.org/10.7860/jcdr/2013/6726.3342

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