Drug and Substance Abuse

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:37
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In the essay, the advent of internet technology has rendered the people more productive in their businesses, but at the same time, it has caused less productivity also in its way. People have been having different opinions on this, but I’d say the advent of internet technology has caused more productivity compared to less productivity.The purpose of this essay is to address just a few of those things that through the advent of internet technology, have made us more or less productive at work.Look at the world we live in, the digital age world. The internet has become a huge part of our lives. We have got every app, widget, among others. We could ever imagine. All designed to make us more productive, but do they make us more productive or less productive? There is a stigma that employees who tend to overuse the internet and other digital technologies tend to be less productive compared to those who don’t use the internet. The internet has made us more productive at work and the same time less productive at work. The three ways technology has made us more or less productive include;Internet Provides Knowledge.It has made us more productive at work in the sense that it provides knowledge. No one should be using the words ‘I don’t know’ in this digital age. The internet gives room for answers which are available at our fingertips. How good is that? All you have to do is type your question, and in a very short time, you have your answer on a screen.Internet Enables financial tracking.The internet has also made us more productive regarding financial tracking. A business owner has in mind that as revenues grow, responsibilities grow as well. Financial tracking software’s allows us to manage finances so you can take a shorter period to make more informed decisions. Any resource that allows employees and business owners to carry out a task in half the time it typically takes is something to take advantage of. This saves time which in turn used to perform another task thus more productivity.It distracts usOn the other hand, technology has also made us less productive in one way or another. It’s sad to see that people don’t even speak in the workplace because everyone’s eyes are fixed on their gadgets. The technology tends to distract us. Take, for example, you log in Facebook to update your business page, but one thing leads to another, and you get sucked into YouTube, and some candy crush invites. Before you know it, you’ve been there for an hour or more and your business page, not updated yet. When was the last time you crammed a friend’s phone number or did simple mathematics without using your calculator? Technology has made it entirely unnecessary to do our thinking, and this is leading to a decrease in productivity.The technology in its way is still growing very fast, and as much as we are supposed to be using it to our advantage, sometimes we use it against ourselves. Gadgets are nowadays owned by very young kids, and they have paralyzed social communications or rather gatherings. However, it has played a major part in the society.ReferencesLatour, B. (1990). Technology is society made durable. The Sociological Review, 38(1_suppl), 103-131.Orlikowski, W. J., & Scott, S. V. (2008). 10 sociomateriality: challenging the separation of technology, work and organization. Academy of Management Annals, 2(1), 433-474.

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