Dwindling Fortunes of Pixar Animation Studios

Published: 2021-07-06 06:34:41
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The case study is about the is an American company which specializes in the production of animated films. The case study demonstrates how Pixar emerged as a strong company which was having a good performance in the market. Initially, the company was performing so well because it was producing and distributing films which not only received good reviews but also warmly received in the market. Meaning, large volumes of the films were sold in the market.However, as fate would have it, the performance of the company would decline so much because people did not by its films. The problem occurred after the death of Steve Jobs who was serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. During his time at the helm of the management of the company, Steve Jobs used his managerial skills to move the company a notch higher. It is the time when the company performed so well and realized the large volume of sales. Later, the company would start performing so dismally because of many reasons. One, there was poor management of its activities, especially in the later ages. During this time, the management never made feasible strategic decisions that would be relied upon to develop the company. Two, there was a stiff competition which had emerged in the market. Although Pixar had been enjoying a large share of the market, it reached a point when its films could not sell because the company could not cope up with the stiffening competition from the established and new companies which were now competing with it.In conclusion, I would like to point out that Pixar suffered a great deal because of the changing dynamics of the market. The new changes brought a stiff competition which the firm could not cope up with. It became extremely challenging for the company to fit into the new system no matter how it tried. The company must have lost its creativity and become a victim of changing market conditions. However, it still has a place in the market.

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