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Published: 2021-07-07 00:16:08
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AmazonAmazon has become one of the leading E-commerce companies of the world dominating the market of mobile app retailing. The app provides a unique and excellent shopping experience, where the consumer has thousands of options in all categories of items. According to a report by Amazon, more than seven people out ten uses their smartphone to do their daily grocery shopping, buying an outfit for an event or gathering any other essentials (Phx.corporate-ir.net, 2018).Amazon’s shopping app offers its users with all kinds of features that make the experience of shopping interactive and exciting. Consumers are recommended customized searcher, which lead them to select the right product they need without wasting a lot of time. The app provides multiple filters to narrow down the consumer’s search for their desired item that meets their requirement and in their price preference.Additionally, the app is a much faster way to get the products conveniently, with everything you wish to get is just a click away. The Amazon e-commerce app has provided its users with multiple methods of payment that make it easier for them to choose the payment method most convenient for them at that time.Furthermore, the app’s unique selling point is its localization, which means that the products and suggestions are customized with consideration of the location and offers discounts and coupons for nearby stores and restaurants.Moreover, Amazon has introduced new and existing features such as the fashion advisor which suggests you outfit of the day, and the Snapchat infused feature which helps you with imagining certain items such as a lamp in your room. Hence, the overall experience of shopping on Amazon is more interactive and unique.Question 2:The Future of Retail According to the video, personalization is making a comeback in retail. Explain why this is happening and how it is different than in the past.The future holds a unique and interactive shopping experience that helps the consumers have a personalized feeling when shopping physically in large retailing chains, which they can only get in small shops developing a connection with the retailer. The new Retail TV will make it easier for retailers to learn about their client’s preferences and ensure a loyalty for them while they receive a customized experience and excitingly interactive shopping.What do consumers want from a personal experience?Consumers prefer shopping as an activity that they enjoy while they are rolling down their trollies in the aisle and searching through the products and seeking the perfect item to fit their requirements. For customers, a personalized experience refers to interaction with retailers and the products, where the shop retailer gives recommendations and suggestions on the basis of their choice and preference.How should retailers react to this customer desire for a personal experience?Since the customers prefer a customized shopping experience in order to spend more time in retailing shops and end up buying more but the right and desired products retail require to address the consumer choice. This will help them create brand loyalty among their clients who will come back every time after being recognized by the retailers are specifically catered.Do you agree or disagree with this video that personalization and personal experiences are becoming more important for consumers?I agree with the video on the point that a personalized and customized experience holds a significant place for most clients who go to supermarkets for an interactive session and a hobby. Shopping is not just about purchasing the products but a fun and learning experience for consumers. They learn about different products and themselves through the choices they make. Consumers prefer being recognized and their choices being respected by the retailers.Think about your favorite retail stores where you like to shop. How important are personalization and the shopping experience to you in these stores? Explain why. Sneaker shopping is the most exciting experience for me. I always prefer visiting the physical retailing shops going through every product and studying the detailing while sticking to my personal style and preference. The retailers at sneaker shops interact with you and ask you questions about your preferences in shoes and what kind of lifestyle you have so that they can address your requirements and provide you with the best option.ReferencesPhx.corporate-ir.net. (2018). Amazon – Press Room – Press Release. [online] Available at:http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=176060&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2232897 [Accessed 12 Mar. 2018].YouTube. (2018). Retail TV – The Future of Retail – The Experience is Everything. [online] Available at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxW4E9ToKiQ [Accessed 12 Mar. 2018].

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