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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:52
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IntroductionIt is the detailed report of JC sports as they recently started to interact with their customers through the online website. JC sports started back in 1987. It is renowned sportswear that retails products of Leicester city football club. They have expertise in providing local team kit, football shirts with the kit and on-site printing. Now they can directly interact with customers through the online website. JC sports is facilitating the customers by providing quality products and best customer services due to qualified and professional people. This report will help out to explore SMART objectives, recommendation and evaluation method of a firm. This report will provide greater insights through analysis of the various elements of the firm. It consists of online service quality, web-experience, Customer engagement and social media marketing. By utilising these elements, JC sports can make better objectives to interact with customers through an online platform. JC sports can use these evidence to monitor the performance of the business.Main BodySMART ObjectivesSome SMART objectives will be effective and productive to improve the online presence of JC sports. These objectives must be enough significant and substantial to enhance the performance of a firm as well as to retain the buyers. Firms should realise realistic and measurable objectives for making marketing strategy to acquire customers (Baker, 2014, p.2) a.The online website must be effective enough to provide the good and worthy experience of JC sports that is convenient to use. So that user can easily access the relevant information regarding products.JC sports should make strategies and tactics to market products to grab as well as to capture the prospective customers online. JC sports should implement tools of the search engine to get a competitive advantage. They should also facilitate their customers by providing online facilities such as live chats.JC sports should design a website with precise and proper information to enhance online engagement. Website design should display images and graphics of products to engage the shoppers.JC sports can attract as well as appeal their potential shoppers through marketing via Facebook or Instagram. JC sports can promote certain activities as well as can offer gifts to the customers for goodwill.RecommendationsJC sports can better exploit this concrete information and can design such SMART objectives to make a significant online presence. JC sports can enhance the value of website by making it more appealing to customers. The online website must contain a lot of pictures instead of written material about offerings of JC sports. This design of the website will appeal as well as attract the young ones that are the potential shoppers of JC sports. JC sports should display proper facts and figures about products and services that will be informative for a new buyer. The website must be interactive to capture the attention of shopper (Demangeot, 2016, p.826). The option of product and services displays only products of Leicester city instead of another team. They should add a specific tab for products of Leicester city to avoid confusion. This information will be valuable for specific shoppers who want to shop. A well-designed website can appeal users and shoppers can identify the retailer through the creative website (King, 2016, p.332).JC sports a ca an improve their online performance by offering online incentives for users. This activity will encourage and motivate the shoppers to purchase more. In this way, shoppers will recommend this product to other friends and groups. They will write about JC sports that will improve the significant word of mouth of the JC sports. Online website will help out to build positive comments and eWOM. JC sports should exploit the tool of Google and ad words to grab the customers. So that search engine opens up JC sports instead of JD sports when users type JC sports.JC sports should facilitate the customers by proving services of live chat. This facility will encourage the users to consider the website. Customers can easily give feedback about offerings and firms timely. It will increase traffic of shoppers as more customers will feel free to discuss the problem with no effort. Shoppers can get a real-time response from the company about complaints or for any query. JC sports should provide delivery services for online shoppers to increase sales revenue and profit. Due to changing trends, customers have no time to go to the store and purchase the products. If JC sports can deliver offerings to shoppers, then it will raise some buyers. Those prospective shoppers who feel reluctant to go outside for purchasing and prefer to shop through online. This strategy will enhance the sales of products and will improve the profits of the company.If JC sports has the desire to develop and enhance online engagement of customers, then it should provide proper facts about products. These online offerings appeal the shoppers to shop, and they show more interest to have these products (Chuang, 2016, p.6). It must include valid info about offerings as well as prices and sizes of goods. The online website must contain solid information that is necessary for shoppers to buy the products. One of the essential points is website design should be accessible enough that every person can easily browse it.JC sports should promote and recognise their shoppers to develop a strong bond. They should regard and value the shoppers by way of getting involved in some activities. It is necessary to realise the customers that company is treating them as special customers.JC sports should involve in some marketing activities to increase the interest of people. In this way, people will get aware from the products of JC sports. Through these activities, people will visit the JC sports website on a daily basis. Activities of JC sports will create hype among the people, and more people will discuss JC sports and its offerings.Instagram and Facebook are two best ways to enhance goodwill of JC sports. It enhances the engagement level as users like comment and shares the post (Luarn, 2015, p.510).  But it will be more suitable to share information regarding products with proper images, size, and prices. JC sports must arrange such marketing events that can improve awareness of products to the public. It is very productive to share posts on social networks to get the attention of buyers than just following the competitors in the time when user need to shop it (Adamopoulos, 2015, p.1643).Evaluation methodJC sports can make better use of permission marketing to reach potential and prospective customers. They can evaluate the online presence of shoppers by creating data for assessment. The software data must have enough capability and proficiency to estimate the correct number of people who access the website. JC sports should recruit staff that can monitor performance and other measures. The staff must possess the certain abilities and accurate information about offerings of the company. Staff must train and experienced to guide shoppers for new products. JC sports can evaluate and estimate this procedure by conducting surveys from prospective customers as well as students. There is need to manage customer relationship data to attract and acquire the buyers. This method will help out to create data that will include some users. The people who are visiting the website for the first time and the people who are the regular customers. Database of customers will help out in providing deep insights into their expectations. This CRM data will be useful as well as valuable to build connections with buyers. It will also assist in following the customers and their complaints. Online surveys are also the best way to evaluate and assess the evaluation process. Online feedback will also be operative when customers give remarks through social networks. Special customers who are loyal to JC sports can be effective to give proper and right feedback on these changes. JC sports can encourage other shoppers to write their opinion and thoughts about products and firm itself. The voice of customer matters a lot for the company. So they are the primary source to evaluate things.ConclusionJC sports can make improvements when they listen to the voice of shoppers. Buyers can provide better and precise feedback through online platforms. Social networks must have the capacity to evaluate trusted and genuine data (Jiang, 2014, p.50). Customer database will help out to create insights about demands and requirements of shoppers. The website must have a genuine name and other solid information about buyers (Jakobson, 2014, p. Online presence of JC sports will be enhanced and improved when they will offer some specific services online. They should value their customers that they will feel the pride to have products and offerings of JC sports. To appeal and attract shoppers, there is need to provide incentives as well as gift cards at regular intervals to loyal buyers. Due to the online presence of company, shoppers will be more interactive and knowledgeable about new offerings of the company. Users can easily recognise the retailer, products, and offerings through the attractive online website. Online surveys and questionnaires will support the company in providing insights to evaluate success.ReferencesBaker, M.J., 2014. Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan.Adamopoulos, P. and Todri, V., 2015, August. The effectiveness of marketing strategies in social media: Evidence from promotional events. In Proceedings of the 21st ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (pp. 1641-1650). ACM.Demangeot, C. and Broderick, A.J., 2016. Engaging Customers during a website visit: a model of website customer engagement. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 44(8), pp.814-839.King, R.C., Schilhavy, R.A., Chowa, C. and Chin, W.W., 2016. Do customers identify with our website? The effects of website identification on repeat purchase intention. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 20(3), pp.319-354.Luarn, P., Lin, Y.F. and Chiu, Y.P., 2015. Influence of Facebook brand-page posts on online engagement. Online Information Review, 39(4), pp.505-519.Jakobson, G. and Rueben, S., 2014. Method and system for securing online identities. U.S. Patent 8,646,103.Jiang, W., Wang, G. and Wu, J., 2014. Generating trusted graphs for trust evaluation in online social networks. Future generation computer systems, 31, pp.48-58.Chuang, H.M., Chen, Y.S., Lin, C.Y. and Yu, P.C., 2016. Featuring the e-service quality of online website from a varied perspective. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences, 6(1), p.6.

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