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Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:49
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For effective leadership, every leader is expected to possess a specific set of leadership skills. Communication is one of the crucial skills that every leader must own to achieve the goals and objective of every organization. Communication enables us to carry on with our daily activities by enhancing the process of engagement within ourselves. Several factors should be considered to facilitate effective communication especially between leaders and those below them. At the Interfaith Centre, Suzanne reflects some communication skills during her interactions with the other volunteers. First, she uses a very polite language even in situations where we could expect her to utter abusive responses. She also takes into consideration the possible outcomes of every conversation she participates in and creates effective countermeasures that help her achieve her goal. For example, she was able to convince Betty to be the chairperson of the rummage sale. Suzanne had come up with words to counter Betty’s. In my view, she possessed excellent communication skills that are vital to every leader’s success.Another quality that every leader is required to possess motivation skills. Leaders should encourage those working under them to meet the organization’s expectation by motivating them through awards, advice, compliments, and promotions. Employees tend to work more efficiently if properly motivated. Suzanne perfects on the motivation skill. She successfully motivates every volunteer at the Interfaith Centre. This is evident during the award session where she makes sure that every volunteer was recognized and his or her role in the organization appreciated. After awarding the volunteer of the year and the star volunteers, she awards everybody else with a certificate to thank them. She also delivered a very motivating speech which inevitably had an impact on motivating the volunteers to carry on with their activities. Evidently, she states that after the awarding event, the faces of the volunteers were beaming and she could feel the positive energy and unity in the room.Self-control is another crucial skill used to assess leadership qualities in an individual. The fact that every organization experiences some opposition dictates that the leaders involved should cope with every situation created. Leaders should come up with tactical strategies of resolving obstacles created by the opposition in a way that satisfies everyone show’s self-control in her leadership. A perfect example of a situation where she practices restraint is when she is rudely interrupted by Angela during the board meeting. The fact that Angela had developed a habit of humiliating and insulting Suzanne could have made her fight her back, but despite the fury and anger, she can maintain her calm and keep off the insults. Leaders are also expected to be responsible. Suzanne shows responsibility when by taking care of every situation in the organization. For instance, she cleans the dirty coffee cups, leftovers, napkins and the littered table despite everyone leaving.Despite all the good qualities Suzanne is showing, she still fails in some aspects. Leaders are expected to have an understanding of the different situations affecting their organizations. People’s perspective, age, time and possible impacts are some of the factors every leader should consider when understanding any case. Leaders should know that those of them can accept or reject their ideas. Suzanne lacks the skill of understanding. She was furious when the volunteers failed to recognize and appreciate her sense of holding Mom’s cooking cookbook. She was unable to understand that the volunteers did not have the same view as her concerning the event.The idea of bringing change to the mission had excited Suzanne so much to the extent that she failed to observe the steps followed when bringing change in an organization. She used unappropriated approach to introduce her idea. The proposal of the plan caught many of the board members by surprise. To start with, she should have involved several volunteers in her scheme to create awareness. Also, she could gradually introduce her concept to the board rather than surprise them in one meeting. The way she presented her idea was more of stating rather than proposing which irritated the board members and the opposition they created is entirely understandable. Suzanne could successfully make some adjustments at the organization provided she followed all the steps required. Several factors affect the approach used when bringing change to an organization. First, intensive study has to be undertaken to note the areas that require improvement. After the specific areas have been identified, effective measures are used to apply the change in a step by step sequence. Some of the changes that Suzanne could bring to the mission are stability, understanding, and clarity. These aspects are lacking, and as a result, the organization is experiencing frequent conflicts. Every employee in the in the organization needs to understand her role in the organization. This will ease Suzanne’s workload. For instance, she could not be left alone to do the cleaning after the board meeting. Suzanne should also bring understanding to the organization. She should explain the position of every volunteer. This will help her ease the tension between her and Angela. Stability and clarity are also some of the changes required in the organization. Suzanne should make an effort to create a stable working environment. Crucial aspects of the organization should have precise definitions. For example, the issue of whether the organization should advertise its financial statements did not have clear instructions on what should be done. Suzanne should make sure that similar problems do not affect the organization in future.

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