Effects of Religiosity on Health

Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:00
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Individual religious believes may impact the health of an individual positively negatively. According to Ellison, religiosity has positive effects on the physical health of a person (Ellison, 1998). Regarding his studies, the mortality rates among people who attend religious events tend to be lower. Also, it is prominent in people who acclaim ascertains themselves as spiritual and religious. All studies that carried out pertaining the effect of religion on health has proved that religion has a positive attribution to the way of life in a positive manner (Seybold and Hill, 2001).Religion has a beneficial gain indirectly. There are lower cases of alcohol consumptions and mood improvement among the church attendees; factors that relate to better physical health. Religion has the potential to reduce contraction of some diseases. Cardiovascular disease is among the diseases that can be reduced due to religion through the reduction of blood pressure; due to the healthy living teachings associated with being religious.Existence of Scientific Base to Faith HealingFaith healing and science-based healing do not have a common base. Faith healing is based on an individual’s faith. However, the type of healing does not exempt from science. There would be a necessity for science to document faith-based cures and this would stand as the recognized form of validating its effectiveness. There is no relationship between faith healing and science since it is incomprehensible and unexplained. It works although on scientific bases it should not work (Koenig, King &Carson, 2012). Faith healing does not contain tangible evidence that science can use to prove its working criteria. Concerning faith healing, the evidence is not valued since belief is regarded enough to heal the person.

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