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Answer 1Data management has become quite easy with the availability of several software that manage data on daily basis. Data management tools make sure that information is stored and readily available whenever it is needed. Information available in businesses data bases is crucial to its success. Data management tools also give the ability to users to manipulate, analyze and to interpret data. Several trends can be identified through data analysis. Results of data analysis guide decision making. There are many techniques available that make sure that data management is not full of errors or how one can reduce the amount of unwanted data. Data cleansing allow users to get rid of unwanted and inaccurate records. In this way data analysis give much more accurate results. Data mining helps users to extract useful data from an ocean of data available. However there are still many chances that data management can be prone to several errors. These errors could be due to human mistake or errors made by data management software. For instance while working in my company. I was asked to analyze financial figures of the company for the recent. I got the data from the business data base. After analyzing figures I presented my results to the boss. To my surprise the analysis was entirely incorrect, since data was not updated in the data base. So, such mistakes could make data management and retrieval ineffective. Although automation has given us the ease of managing data, yet several cautions need to be taken before using such data management tools.Answer 2The biggest innovation in the technology in my view the invention of cloud computing. Cloud computing has made it easy for businesses to store and retrieve data without being scared of its loss. Data is stored at a secure site that is free from accidental loss. Cloud computing has not only helped businesses but also personal users of internet to store data and synchronize it with other devices like mobile phones. Thus cloud computing has made life much easy (Olson).Works CitedOlson, Scott. EIGHT WAYS TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING BUSINESS. n.d. 21 Feburary 2018.

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