Emergency Medicine Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:46
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Upon careful analyzing the speech excerpt we can conclude that it features diverse supporting materials. Upon carefully analyzing the excerpt, I was able to determine that the following supporting materials have been used:ExampleTestimonyStatistics/SurveysNarrationDescription/ExplanationThe first paragraph is using statistics as a supporting material. Statistics serve as an important tool to gain the listeners or readers attention. As far as statistics are concerned, they are effective as they are having the desired effect. The paragraph also includes testimony as a supporting material. There is a quote regarding emergency medical care which amounts to a testimony. Testimony is an effective tool as it compels the readers to read further as they would be reading the views of an expert on the subject matter. The excerpt also includes an example from the authors personal life. The example lends support to the argument. Therefore, it can be considered effective as it makes the whole speech more interesting. The endings line where it is mentioned that two children died is an example of description being used as a supporting material. It is effective since it helps convey why the author’s views are correct.Despite the use of many supporting materials, this speech excerpt has certain flaws which causes the whole speech to be displeasing. There are a number of valid reasons behind this conclusion. One reason is that the speech relies too heavily on testimony. After a while, it seems that the whole excerpt is a list of experts giving their views on the topic. A speech should rely on a narrative that holds the speech together. The heavy reliance on testimony leaves no room for narration. Although testimony as a supporting material is very effective, too much testimony can ruin the speech, as had happened here.The example at the end was very effective as it made the whole speech more effective. However, I believe that the example should have been given at the beginning, followed by testimony and expert opinion. It would have given the whole speech a narrative which it is clearly lacking. Overall, the speech could have been more effective if the supporting material were used in a more careful way.

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