Environmental Friendliness and Statutes

Published: 2021-07-06 06:26:10
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Claims to environmental FriendlinessThere is tension between the businesses in their profit maximization interests and the non-misleading information to the public regarding the products being purchased. The enterprises aim at using the most attractive communication methods to attract as many customers as possible, which calls for occasional exaggeration. On the other hand, the customers expect to receive honest information from the business concerning the various products offered for sale. The two parties, therefore, work in a parallel formation.The main danger of green-washing from the business perspective is that less is done to substantiate the information given. The business remains unconcerned about the environmental factors and sticks with the misleading information given. Besides, the firms face legal threats for falsifying its efforts in maintaining a sustainable environment. As the environment degrades, the business is affected as natural resources it requires depletes without a check.If I were a marketing executive, I would induce a policy against the green-washing. This is because as much as the primary marketing objective is to maximize profits, this needs to be done responsibly. Therefore, it would be essential to offer the right information regarding the environmental impact of the products so as not to mislead the customers. The actual information would be offered to match the ethical requirements of the organization.Environment Statutes Water pollution Control Act is one of the laws that apply to my former employer. The former employer dealt in a manufacturing industry, which led to the formation of poisonous by-products. Occasionally, the employer released the by-product downstream without having them treated. To comply with the provision of the law, the employer currently treats all the by-products before discharging them to the environment.The environmental laws do not hinder business but help them. This is because for the business to thrive there needs to be equal prosperity for the public. Thus, there needs to be a pleasant atmosphere from which the firms will work. For instance, many of the businesses and companies require lots of water to operate. For this reason, the water catchment areas ought to be maintained to support the existence of the companies. The prosperity of the companies depends on the sustainability of the environment.

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