Essay on the Department of Homeland Security

Published: 2021-07-06 06:44:08
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IntroductionThe department of homeland security was established in 2002. It is one of the cabinet departments of the US federal department. The department is concerned with the safety of the US citizens and protecting the US. It stated missions include prevention and management of the disaster, cybersecurity, customs and immigration, security of the border and anti-terrorism. The department of the homeland was established in response to 9/11 attacks. It is the youngest cabinet department in the United States (U.S. Homeland Security, 2016).This paper will discuss several aspects of the department of homeland security such as mission, structure, organization, budget and other issues in detail.DiscussionMissionThe vision of security of the homeland is to make sure a country is secure, safe and protect against terrorism and from other dangers. Protecting the individuals from threats is one of the standard and high needs. The mission of the department of homeland security is to secure the sea, land and air borders of the nation to protect from illegal activity while facilitating legal trade and travel. Furthermore, the department of homeland security is emphasized on achieving efficient smart implementation of immigration laws of United States while facilitating and streamlining the process of legal immigration.StructureThe Department of Homeland Security is controlled by the secretary. The current acting secretary is Elaine Duke. On the other hand, duties of the deputy secretary have been performed by the Claire M. Grady. The Department of Homeland Security includes following components such as Citizenship & Immigration Services Ombudsman, Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centres, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Office of the General Counsel and other departments. Let’s discuss some of its departments in detail (Homeland Security, 2017).Citizenship & Immigration Services Ombudsman is led by the director Maria M. Odom. Citizenship & Immigration Services is devoted to improving the quality of immigration services given to people through assisting in case individually. Their office is located in the Washington D.C.Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is headed by the Megan H. Mack. It supports the mission of the department to secure the country by promoting equality, justice, and liberty.Federal Law Enforcement Training Centres are headed by the Connie L. Patrick. It is responsible for providing the range of advanced and basic training program up to ninety agencies along with tribal and international organizations.Domestic Nuclear Detection Office is established in 2005 to improve the capability of the country to identify and report illegal efforts to store, possess, import and carry radiological and nuclear matter for use against the country. James F. McDonnell leads the department. 150 employees are working, and its headquarters is located in Washington DC.Office of Intelligence and Analysis has headed by the David Glawe. 852 employees are currently working. It was found in 2007. It is responsible for rising DHS general intelligence by managing the gathering, analysis, and fusion of intelligence throughout the entire Department Homeland Security. (2017).More Read: Form Processing ServiceOffice of the General Counsel is responsible for providing legal advice and quality representation on the variety of most prominent issues in the country. It is headed by the Stevan E. Bunnell. Headquarter of the Office of the General Counsel is located in the Washington D.C.BudgetAlmost 240,000 employees are working in the department of homeland security that ranges from border security and aviation to response in the emergency situation, inspector of the chemical facility to the analyst of cybersecurity. It is the third largest cabinet department after the veterans’ affairs and defense. In the budget 2017, 40.6 billion dollars were provided along with the 3 billion dollars in budget amendment 2017 to DHS to execute orders that make the border security strong and ensure the safety of the public. The blueprint budget of 2018 presented in the meeting 6.8% of the budget will be increased by the president. The central office of the department of homeland security was located in the Washington D.C (Homeland Security, 2017).ReferencesAdministration’s Fiscal Years 2017 Budget Amendment and 2018 Budget Requests Advance DHS Operations | Homeland Security. (2017). Retrieved from and Analysis Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act Office | Homeland Security. (2017), Retrieved from of Strategy, Policy, and Plans | Homeland Security. (2017). Retrieved from Homeland Security. (2016). Homeland Security Intelligence, 12-37. doi:10.4135/9781483395425.n2Number of Employees

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