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Evidently, nursing and healthcare are emerging as dynamic professions, and therefore need confident and capable leaders at all levels. Consequently, this paradigm shift makes the development of leadership skills among practitioners indispensable at early phases of careers. (Middleton, 2011) According to the subject perspective nurses in their master’s level become change agents and leaders. In order to be an effective leader, one has to employ rational abilities to create sustainable partnerships with other stakeholders and to attain a positive and substantial change. Therefore, it is suggested for all prospect family nurse practitioners to acquire and polish communication and interpersonal expertise in the area of their specialty. This could be possible by broadening the canvas of one’s education and partaking in different clinical research projects. Such research-based knowledge, in turn, will strengthen their clinical dexterity and will make them capable to have an impact on others through flawless knowledge and leadership. Moreover, in a primary care unit, nurse practitioners play multiple roles, and leadership is the most significant among them.The crucial nature of leadership requires certain traits to be influential, which include intelligence and social efficacy. Communication is indispensable to augment an effectual factor of leadership. Persistent reading and gaining knowledge as well as interpersonal skills are two areas of strength in this regard. Reading and research-based knowledge acquiring allow me to explore different cases and complications of my profession, while interpersonal skills help me to develop bonds with others. However, I want to enhance my assessment and goal setting abilities to accomplish my own objectives that in turn will influence others as well. Developing a clear vision of prospect and maintaining a positive attitude toward learning, are two underlying strategies I will implement to enhance my leadership skills.ReferenceMiddleton, Jane. Leadership Skills for Nurses – Nursing Times. 2011,

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