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Published: 2021-07-06 23:10:01
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Answer 1White changing face of demographics and rising number of minorities in the population entering the medical and healthcare professions, it is essential to excellence through diversified workforce to improve health care. With more individuals from different backgrounds in the medical profession can deliver greater competence by bringing diverse knowledge and experience into practice. Having diversified workforce in health care to deal with diversified patents, the quality of healthcare will improve if both understand and value believes and backgrounds of each other.Ethics define the right and the wrong in the medical profession. According to ethical principles, the privacy of patients must be maintained. Patients have control over their body, and they can take decision accordingly. Doctors must ensure to provide the best treatment for the benefit of their patients. Patients must be dealt with care and affection with no discrimination based on age, gender or background. WHS code of practice promotes safe practices in a healthcare setting by promoting safe working conditions, diversity and ethics.Answer 2The privacy act 1988 makes sure that information regarding individuals is kept safe and is free from misuse. The act makes sure that individual data is protected in various settings including healthcare setting. The act allows transparent handling and reporting of information. The act ensures that there is a free flow of information while protecting the privacy of individual data. The act gives rights to individuals to complain if their data has been misused.Australian privacy principles are mentioned under schedule one of the privacy act 1988. According to these principles all agencies, business, companies, private, nonprofit and other organisations are guided about safe handling and use of personal information by preventing misuse and breach of privacy. The law applies to all institutes with an annual turnover of three million or more.Answer 15Awards according to fair work ombudsman refers to minimum conditions that must be available to employees in different workplace settings. Awards apply depending on the industry, type of business or work being performed. Ambulance and patient transport industry rewards and health professional and support service reward are few examples of industrial rewards 2010. Both these laws apply to healthcare and outline minimum wages, working hours, safety and other minimum requirements for employees in the respective field to promote a safe working environment while ensuring interests of employees at the workplace.Answer 16360-degree appraisal system measures the performance of employees that take into account different perspective of performance. The systems take into consideration feedback from peers, subordinates, customers or coworkers before marking performance of an employee. The system can be improved by ensuring privacy, transparency and accuracy in the feedback and performance reporting system.Answer 17:Unfair dismissal refers to the dismissal of employees in an unreasonable manner, or the decision had been harsh or unjust. If an employee feels that he has been dismissed unfairly, he can report the commission within twenty-one days of dismissal. However, to report for dismissal, he must be employed for at least six months at the same workplace. Different dismissal laws apply to small firms. This is mentioned in fair work ombudsman.Answer 19:Training, coaching and mentoring are some staff development methods. Training refers to a formal learning experience, where employees are taught about various concepts and how they can be applied. Usually, it’s like a classroom training with little or practical experience. Coaching and mentoring are more personalised ways of developing the staff. It’s a one to one experience along with practical experience. Coaching allows employees to ask questions and to practice learned skills in a practical setting.

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