Explain why a politician would support legislation, but then be apathetic toward the implementation of that legislation.

Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:11
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The Elitist model assumes a “trickle down” effect whereby policies flow down from the elite but do not arise from the demands of the masses. Explain why or why not you think this model has any practical application in U.S. society today.The Elitist model represents the minorities that are having some people which are called economic elite and these people are the ones who hold the most power in the societies. This power is based on wealth and economic stability that is why it is independent of the democratic elections. In the United States, a similar condition exists as many small minorities exist that are based on the people who are powerful, economic elite, wealthy, and have reliable measures. These are the ones which are considered as powerful enough and independent of the democratic elections.2. Explain why a politician would support legislation, but then be apathetic toward the implementation of that legislation.Mostly the politicians favor the legislation because only this way they could influence the national people of any country. They are apathetic towards the implementation when they realize the fact that it would be not good for the society or it might be another fact that it would be not good for them if implemented.3. Choose one theory (CONFLICT THEORY ) of how policy change comes about (conflict theory). Explain the conflict theory and provide an example. You may use a source outside to respond to this question.The social conflict theory based on the social pattern existed in any society. These social patterns include the conflicts that are caused by multiple things in the societies. It is based on the factors that cause inequality in the community. For example, the wealthy people in any society are the ones who are more powerful and have the more access towards the resources of the society. This could create inequality in the society for the poor people.ReferencesSocial Conflict Theory and Crime: Definitions and Approach to Deviance – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com. (2018). Study.com. Retrieved 3 April 2018, from https://study.com/academy/lesson/social-conflict-theory-and-crime-definitions-and-approach-to-deviance.htmlSocial Conflict Theory. (2018). Sophia. Retrieved 3 April 2018, from https://www.sophia.org/tutorials/social-conflict-theory–2

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