Family Health: High Blood Pressure

Published: 2021-07-07 00:09:47
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IntroductionMy family has a life long history in high blood pressure. Starting from my grandfather, then my father, and my uncle, all of them are the victims of this disease. It has been a big issue in our family, which can be termed as a genetic problem. My grandfather is around 80 years of age, who is suffering from high blood pressure from the last 20 years. Then, my father is suffering from the last two years who is 47 years old. Same is the case with my uncle as well. I have seen my family suffering from a lot of pain due to high blood pressure and due to this, it has made them lazy at times. They feel lazy all the time, and cannot be involved in any physical activity. A lot of reasons can lead to high blood pressure, but the reason I have found in my family is the amount of stress my family takes, due to their work which leads to high blood pressure. My father and uncle run a business of tyres exports, and due to their business I have found them being much stressed and that has lead them to having high blood pressure. Stress has led to high blood pressure and this is the risk factor in discussion.Description of risk factorHigh level of stress can lead to dramatic but temporary increase in blood pressure. Stress has found to be the vital reasons in increased blood pressure. A lot of signs can tell that a person is going through stress, and it can lead to high blood pressure (“Stress Symptoms”). Stress is the reaction of a body to any type of demand that effects the routine life. In a small amount, stress is good, like when it aids a person is achieving a goal or fear to achieve something, or motivation to get a task done. But, stress in large amount is not healthy for a human body which is mostly caused by tensions like money, relationships, or job whether it is short or long term (“Stress Symptoms”). Feelings of stress for a long time, alarms off the body’s warning to its physical and emotional state. A person’s body warns about the stress arising that something is not working right, and it should be controlled and dimished. Stress which is not addressed properly contributes to increased blood pressure in a human body and many other health issues (“Stress Symptoms”).There are a lot of signs which tell that a person is feeling stressed. Headaches, muscle tension, backaches, dry mouth, chest pain, fatigue, difficulty in sleeping, increased level of feeling cold, loss of appetite, short temper, and anxiety are some of the few signs which can relate to stress in a human body (“Listening to the Warning Signs of Stress”). It is important that these signs should be understood in order to tackle stress by a person.Stress can directly affect a person’s daily life, including emotions, thinking ability, behaviors, and physical health. Depending on complexity of people, symptoms of stress can vary in different people. symptoms of stress might include; becoming agigated or moody, avoiding other people, feeling bad about yourself, poor judgement, constantly worrying about something, and insomnia (“Listening to the Warning Signs of Stress”).To tackle these symptoms, one should find potential ways to overcome and prevent stress by a human body. To avoid having high blood pressure due to stress, it should be managed with care and dealt with (Lurbe et al., 2016). First of all, a person should find ways to manage his/her time and doing everything with time efficient manner. Finding a balanced lifestyle which includes exercising, interacting with the society, getting enough sleep, finding purpose to your life can also prevent having stress (Lurbe et al., 2016). The basic reason a person is stressed, is because he/she does not talk anything to their surroundings. It is benefical that a person should get support from the people around him/her, instead of keeping everything to yourself. Issues are more likely to be resolved if they are discussed with family and friends around you (Lurbe et al., 2016). According to health studies, it was found that 87% of people who feel stress, tend to consume a lot of alcohol and smoking (Lurbe et al., 2016). Prevention of stress cannot occur if a person is consuming a large amount of alcohol and smoking more than usual.Discussion of risk factor and lifestyleReferring to all the information given above, it tells me that at some point in future I might be a patient of high blood pressure, as some of the symptoms can be addressed as I am also having them. Every person nowadays is effected by stress, and at some point it effects me as well. However, I tend to make a healthy plan to overcome stress from my life and make sure that it does not affect me in the longer run. I plan to develop a routine of going to gym and getting into sports, which will provide me with the best health outcomes. It will improve my ability to respond to surrounding more effectively, and will increase my confidence.Consuming alcohol and smoking should not be included in this plan. Most importantly, having to interact with the family and surrounding will help me more in avoiding stress. In this way, it is more likely that I will not have the family health issue which is going on from the very beginning of my family. Keeping in mind that high blood pressure can lead to a lot of chronic diseases, it is important to control it at present instead of regretting it afterwards.Work Cited“Listening to the Warning Signs of Stress.” Http://Www.Apa.Org,“Stress Symptoms: Effects of Stress on the Body.” WebMD,, Empar, et al. “2016 European Society of Hypertension guidelines for the management of high blood pressure in children and adolescents.” Journal of hypertension 34.10 (2016): 1887-1920.

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