Fan Audit of the Premier Football League (PFL)

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:40
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AbstractFacility management integrates the maintenance and periodical care of commercially available and not for profit buildings. The objective behind this is the organization of all the sports facility operations management monitoring the secure supervision analysis of the quality process in an efficiently healthy environment. Overall the mental captivity is being judged over the things.IntroductionAny sports complex needs operated must follow care guidelines for the long-term usage. A reliable legal infrastructure is required to make a viable and profit-seeking business model. Developing a knowledge base for the people and the entire framework is a must to ensure all the operational paradigms which permit them for a central management of any sports facility needed out there.The requirement analysis and the key roles and knowledge base of marketing were the need of the hour. It was the call for action from the premier league that event marketing and their facilitation ensured. It is one of the main reasons that one must first determine the needs and wants of the customers of PFL. Despite the attention needed to unblock or unveil the needs and requirements, those are critical enough to fetch the facility, services, and even customers exactly.Case Study of Premier League UKIn our case, we need to identify who our facility’s (PFL) customers are. It is important to define who our target market is to capitalize on it. It is the category that the clients of PFL would fall. PFL customers are the parents whose children want to participate in little league football. Their ages will range from 4-16 years old.Requirements analysisViewing through the consumer side, certainly, there are the different type of requirements for individual health and personal growth. The needs reformed through the participation along PFL. Parent need their children to outperform league football can accommodate their participants a requirement personal and social development. It also increases the essence of teamwork.The organization can also meet the requirement of the members of their sports club actively moving and out of the house. Children can also fulfill their needs of belonging and their competitive needs. Parents can also socialize with other community members. Children will develop social skills and teamwork, which will help them when they become adults in a competitive world.Facilitations of LeagueThe kind of facilities and services have proven to the PFL was unique in its description of individual services. Imperceptibility, Undetachable, Changed & Diverse, Communal exposure. These refer to the unawareness of the products to be molded and seen in the similar perspective as other products perceived. It also included PFL service and their experience. When the service considered in the presence of Consumer and provider, then this thing is termed as inseparability.Services InfrastructureWhenever you start playing the game of football the everybody out there in PFL was part of the experience. The inconsistency from service to service refers to the variation in the next version. The key marketing infrastructure and planning was related to the quality which ensured the corporate levels of consistency from service to service correspondingly.Participant’s AptitudePFL sets to accomplish this by making sure that all kids have a right time by accommodating their parent’s needs and athlete’s needs of wanting to play on the same team as friends and family members. PFL wants their athletes to come back year after year due to the wonderful experience the have encountered. The other service which refers to the actual services which cannot restore. Services tend to be available and not sold unless they become available. If, PFL marketed in a way we feel it can be then perishability should not be a problem. The only time PFLs fields will be stored is when they are not in use during the off-season. The acknowledged factors and accommodation was used as service marketing infrastructure unless marketing the PFL facility.Operations AnalysisThe management in operational facilities at a sports hub mainly focuses on the administration of procedures along the distribution of products and offering services in the domain. They provide overall control, maintenance, and recreational activities. Furthermore, the Sports facility management intends to do maintenance for the public care and ensure the usage of the prescribed place up to the optimum level. For the proper administration of the sports facility an operation manager is a must who understands all the essential requirements:Proactiveness towards issuesTechniques of implementation towards management & operationsAuxiliary problems in operationsEffectivity of management & operationsLegal Matters & OwnershipThe complete primary form of ownership of any business entity is the proprietorship of that thing. Various sports facility operations management were the only individual gains the profit and held the responsibility of entire operations and infrastructure. All the liabilities of service lie directly on them. There is also an option for the partnership who utilizes the overall operational maintenance including the partners with limited entities and general partnerships for the brand. Mostly partners majorly involved within the day to day activities of the prescribed facility and 100% liabilities on all the activities offered in the sports place. Corporate structures mainly create an influence over the regulations and law enforcements imposed through the government bodies. The entire group has certainly a bunch of people who legally authorize people in their domain and let them create a right version of the business model and practice that in a way that all powers, authorities, and liabilities equally shared. Corporate structures of sports facilities have mainly the various paradigms like C-Corporation: termed as a close corporation, S-Corporation: a constraint of the limited liability and last but not the least the Publically traded company. It can also be a not for profit organization. The ownership of sports facility lies under the three basic governance policies.Product LicensingThe public service is operated strictly under the influence of government or semi-government infrastructure either approved through regional or local or might be federal laws and policies. The non- profit organizations managed by the volunteer and through hired paid staff to regulate the day to day activities. A different infrastructure is a maintenance through some trust or some beneficiaries managed by the assigned group. These trusts can be the chartered organization, any not for profit despite the charity status. It can be any public interest company.Market AnalysisFurthermore, the technique of taking the market segmentation is the core identity of the breakdown of the entire market. PFL may utilize the segmentation ability for their consumer performance to involve the user group, for instance, the particular individual, school and family, advantages of factors like fitness, relaxation community mobilization, etc. all the chosen services for summer and winter camps and training correspondingly.After the segmentation of the market, the outcomes were needed to analyzed and gained the proper understanding. For PFL to get to know the potential customers, we must develop a profile of each segment. It’s clear that our target market will be kids ranging from ages 4-16 years old. PFL must also understand the benefits sought by the families of the athletes and the preferred services must identify to provide the right service during the winter, spring, and summer.Marketing Analysis & intended audienceWe will rank which segments we feel are the most important all the way down the line. We aim to understand the requirement of certain all potential consumer. Satisfying everybody is impossible. Our target audience will be those kids who are in the beginning stages of football. That is to say T-ball, A-ball, and AA-ball, these are the children whose age range is 4-9 years old. We need to make sure that the needs of those kids and families met because if they are happy, then they are more likely to keep coming back year after year. We will do this by allowing those kids to be in the same teams as their friends or families. The point of this stage of football is for them to have fun.Market PlacementsMaking the space within the marketing panorama gives the ultimate maintenance of critical marketing functionalities. We will advertise all around our local community, around local churches, schools, and supermarkets so that PFL will be fresh on everyone’s minds. At this stage, we need to consider whom our main competitors are. In the case of PFL, there are two main competitors. Northridge little league and Pony little league in Woodland Hills. The problem with these small leagues is that they are miles away from our community. We want to offer a good product within the local community, so our customers won’t have to travel far.Mix Marketing TechniquesThe variables of the controllable marketing give a mix of marketing influence which blends the production of response rate within the targeted market range. The mixture has the traditional 4P marketing, cost promotional event, and situations. The product that PFL is offering is football for the youth of Chatsworth. The price is 175 dollars per child or 150 for multiple children in families. The promotions held around the local community in street corners, grocery stores, recreational parks, and local schools. The place will be the location of PFL. That is where all the games held. The people that need consideration are the volunteer coaches, the none profit group that will run the day-to-day operation. The process will start in January when PFL hosts a pancake breakfast for all members who sign up. Practices will begin in February; games will start in March and go through July. Winter ball will start in September and run all the way until December, and the process will continue the following year.Impact of Premier League in CommunityThe league and its club took the matter of social impact seriously and raised their efforts to create the significant adversities within all such places. The investment was majorly infused into the distant programs to ensure the impact on diversity. It also considered that it should entail the government policies.Broadcasting CoveredLocal BroadcastingTV BroadcastingThe primary partner with live streaming was Sky, they screened lots of matches almost 140 Live games 50 through PPV, and they intended to reach the audience of more than 1.5 Million. It is more than 16% in comparison to the prior season. The audience of Manchester United v/s Arsenal target and hitched more than 3.1Million targeted viewership. If, we calculate the total viewership of the last season of the premier league. Various series, for instance, the Match of the day & The Foot Ball First was around 289 Million across the boundary. In 2003, it turned to 334 Million. After the periodic and transitional delay in the evening slot. The match recorded on the verge of 3.3 Million on Saturdays and 1.6 Million on Sundays.Radio TransmissionIt played very trickily as an essential part in collecting the games together add their contemporary commentary and news from the premierships of Barclays across the country. Adding to it 220 live footage and shows on radio-V live and BBC and their highlight flashed over the Talk Sports. It covered as every 20-premier League society. Adding onBroadcasted GloballyThe international marketing campaign also remained part of the popularity of Premier football league. Historically the leagues itself started with the global distribution of insights available on television. As a matter of consequence, the revised strategy handled the common interest and ability to increase the coverage around 200 communities, and the cumulative audience was calculated creating the viewership of audience around 3 Billion. On average in 2004 season directly initiated the hours of premier league coverage and broadcasted through 517Million domestic reach globally.Community MobilizersVarious cellular networks like Vodaphone or some others were the official mobile partners of Premier League for the UK. They had the capacity to give the consumer the footage over the 3rd generation networks over cell phones.Website ReviewThe domain of premier league itself in its 3rd season tried to get new viewers at an increasing rate. The bigger the growth of the average user from 880,000-1.2 Million. The registered candidates started growing from 310K to 837,365. The fantasy was a major success attracted the 472K indicants and ever increase of 160K previously on the records. The grade and score point average was under great critics and played and got famed in the 2nd season. Around 50% of the registered streaming user was outside the United Kingdom.Partner Organization (FDC)In this organization, the premier league has 50% ownership. It is running since consecutively four years. As an operational activity holder, it managed the entire data and equal rights for the purpose of digitization. Central market is becoming better day by day. The primary market is getting the more publishing stuff and global community holding for the entire data product range.Commercial AmbienceIn the new three years economic cycle the first year was a crucial moment for the business team. The new deals for the sponsors and partners alongside the new broadcasting arrangements the value was increased making sure that the transitions keep om proceeding smoothly.Following the Barclaycard’s sponsorship huge success of the Premier League, the new sponsor had an eye onto realigning the awareness of the public about the brand. Hence the transfer of Barclaycard sponsorship team onto the work of Barclay sponsorship. It makes sure that the relationships were in place and only a momentum maintained. Barclay’s then made its mark with an advertising campaign in the next season. The campaign started the Premiership managers of Barclay who appeared as characters attending a match.Another plus point was the availability of the Trophy for Barclays which allowed them to take forward their Barclays’ branches tour all over the country. On the new deal, Barclay’s became the title sponsor and gave all the members excellent branding opportunities, because their end of the relationship with the other sites was hence making the premier league site the official site for all who wanted information regarding Barclay’s Premiership. It raised the site traffic to 1.2 million.PartnershipsThe commercial partners of Premier League: Lucozade Sport, Budweiser, and Nike topped the field in their markets, owing little thanks to the ongoing relationships. Nike launched Total 90 Arrow PL an official ball of the premier league with a distinct design and color. The ball used for all the matches in the months of winter hence improving the ball visibility for players, audience, and fans.ConclusionThe emphasis of our campaign has been in the marketing of PFL. It is essential for the league to understand the need and importance for an individual call for action for the services and appropriate consumer responses as well as major business models. For PFL to provide a good product, it must choose a target audience. Before a target audience has selected, it is important to break down the total market by segmenting it. Once this has accomplished, it is important to determine which segments PFL will pursue by ranking the segments. It will cater the primary audience for the PFL. The ultimate state of the marketing campaign is to curate the manage a needed position for the sophisticated marketing function. It will help PFL in the short term and long term.ReferencesMullin, B., Hardy, S., Sutton, W. (2014). Sport marketing. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. 4th edition.,,12306~91647,00.pdf

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