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IntroductionBeing raised by the single parent mother, Ana had some psychological problems as her mother wanted her to finish school. But her physical growth was delayed till eight grade and had several absences from school. Her getting up in the morning habit was deteriorating as she got failing grades in several classes. Given the WISC and UNIT Tests which marks her IQ to an average; the following PLAAAFP describes her true abilities and condition.FLAAAFP Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance The FLAAAFP includes Ana’s condition and the way she has turned out to be as a student. That includes her Student strengths; Evaluations; Performance in classes, Influences of language, culture, and family background; Strengths, preferences, and interests in non-academic areas; and any other relevant issues.Her physical growth was affected from second to seventh-eighth grade; she suffered severely in attendance which shows lack of interest in socialization and active schooling. She showed tardiness in eighth grade in school and refused to get up in the morning. She lagged in getting dressed and had trouble making friends due to her small height 5.1” in the ninth grade. She had no behavioral or medical problems, but she had trouble with taking notes in the class and staying ahead in the class. Her IQ was tested to be of an average person; she was able to write complete sentences but had trouble with completing the paragraph. She often wrote her final draft incorrectly and also had the problem with sounding out the correct words. She was able to read 40words per minute that was a good sign. She took the extended time to complete her tasks that were a weak point. Also, her mother called her a freak.She loved participating in sports but did not listen to her mother to leave the house and go to school. She liked adults than young peers; her strong point was her vocabulary when she spoke strongly. Her mother does not think she can make her proud someday as she was too small to play the sports on a professional level. The good thing was Ana was never involved in any unlawful activities and has a smooth criminal record. She was reluctant to go to church or socialize often. Spending less time with friends also annoyed her mother in addition to her reluctance to go to school regularly. She was often found skipping school which affected her grades and failed many times.Annual GoalsBehavioral GoalsWithin ten educational weeks, Ana will be able to develop a habit of getting up early in the morning and overcome her tardiness and laziness. Her reluctance to go to school will be reduced by 70%. She will achieve that goal by counseling and practice therapy which will enable her to exercise her will to stop sleeping during the day and stop being frustrated. She possesses skills like a normal IQ level and intelligence to understand the negative effects of getting up late; she can overcome her habit of tardiness to improve her attendance in the ninth grade by using the willpower.The second goal is to help her develop some self-esteem, due to her small height and less developed muscles, she feels a bit inferior to her peers and finds it hard to make friends. She will be able to develop confidence by improving her physique by exercise and feel good about herself and develop her image among friends within next 90 days of the ninth grade.BaselineAna was given counseling and advice by her mother and grandmother whom she was close to; based on her presentation skills and condition; she was physically and mentally a weak young child who could not develop into a strong young girl in the ninth grade.Academic GoalsAs she constantly struggles with writing, her writing can be improved by 40% within the next six months of ninth grade by constant writing exercises.She can struggle with failing grades, her overall grade point average can increase up to 30% in the next four months in the ninth grade. She can achieve this by increasing study time and attending classes regularly. Her present level skill is not good enough to get competitive grades; she can get the better grade than she already gets by improving her habits.Rationale: Part 3Each of these four goals is measurable and makes sense in the case of Ana; she can use her willpower, the correct guidance from her family and counselor and the intelligence she possesses to improve herself personally and educationally. As her PLAAFP states that she possesses skills including good vocabulary, ability to make friends and communicate with them in a right way, she can handle the challenges of improving herself personally and academically.She can improve her getting early habits because she sleeps with her free will, not due to any medical illness. She can become stronger and muscular with exercise to boost her self-esteem in few months to make new friends and improve attendance in the class. Moreover, she can practice writing skills and learn writing skills from the internet to overcome writing difficulty to reduce the assignment time. Her overall failing or low grades can improve because her skill level and IQ level is not below average, by working on the IQ level through various exercises and taking keen interest in her self transformation, Ana can achieve both her personal and academic goals smoothly if she sticks with her plan and do not disobey her counselor.

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