Force, Inertia and Momentum

Published: 2021-07-07 00:07:05
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Part 1: Identify forces considered (what forces are involved in the activity of bowling)To set the ball in action, following effects are involved:Force of gravity (Weight of the ball)Force applied to the ball by the playerForce of friction that tends to slow down the motion.Force applied to spin the ball, so it changes its trajectory.Part 2: Discuss the factors modifying the motion (what factors might affect the movement (linear motion) of the ball or throw the ball?)For the bowling action, the basic trajectory of the bowl is a curved path where it strikes the pins at a particular angle which increases the chance of hitting the pins as compared to the straight line motion. The ball is set to move at a specific average speed. The speed is decreased due to surface friction as the ball rolls down the lane. The force of gravity is balanced by the surface force upward, but the force of friction is not balanced, so it affects the speed of the ball. There is a particular angular velocity associated with the ball which changes as it travels down the lane. Force of friction works here. Since the ball changes the path, the speed as well as the direction changes. Talking about the throwing of the ball, every player throws the ball at different average speed.Part 3: Define and then discuss how the following concepts apply to the activity of bowling: Inertia, Impulse, Work, Kinetic Energy, Momentum, and Friction.Inertia: Inertia is directly related to mass. Heavier the ball, greater the inertia, greater is the force needed to move the ball.Momentum: Due to momentum, when the ball is in action, it gets difficult to stop it at the end of the lane due to its weight.Impulse: Impulse is changed in momentum which will increase if the applied force is enhanced.Kinetic Energy: Kinetic energy is transferred from the ball to the pins causing them to fall.Work: Work is done when force is applied to the bowl, and it covers certain distance as a result of that force.Friction: Force of friction against the surface acts which tends to slow down the speed of the ball.References:Harden, Amanda. “The Physics of Bowling.”, 4 Dec. 2013,, Alexis. “Momentum and Inertia in Bowling.”, 18 Nov. 2012,

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