Forms of Social Solidarity [MEMO]

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:53
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Solidarity is the main pillar of the society. It holds and maintain the society, it bears rules, sanctions, penalties, obligations, responsibilities, and interlinked with the socio economic development of the society. The main objective behind writing this memo is to identify different aspects and approaches used to defined social solidarity. Those theories and their domain, which reflects the entire concept of solidarity will be discussed and identified in this memo. Social solidarity has been define through various theories, Perrier to them I would like to define some related concepts, which have direct relations with social solidarity. Anything or action which is against the laws and social sanctions is a crime, their break causes disturbance and imbalance in the society. Those crimes can be retaliated through penalties and repressive laws.Durkheim theories discusses the social structure of the society, his theories mainly stand upon the very concept of functionalism, societal norms, labor distribution and social values. The crux of his theories is to constitute a society upon social values and equality, where everyone can feel free to inspire their lives (Durkheim, 1972). Since his theories bears the concept of, functionalism and social values, the social justice and equality is mandatory to be fulfilled.Durkheim postulated theory of mechanical solidarity to describe the social sector and social setup. Theory of mechanical solidarity encompasses the idea of social integration of the members of the society who bears common values and shares common norms. This reflects an idea of mutual understanding amongst the members of the society (Durkheim, 1972). It also reflects the importance of an individual in a society. He further explain that common believes and values constitute “collective conscience”. Break of those consciences and violation can be retaliated through proper actions and legislations to create harmony and stability.Comments and ReflectionsMechanical theory of social solidarity covers the diverse field of social aspects but lacks some important aspects of the modern society. since we are living in a dynamic society where things change from time to time , demand of current society are different from the former society, thus we need an updated and modern approach. The question is how to harmonize a society bearing different socio cultural aspects, since the world is globalizing. Peoples comes from different back grounds with different values, thus we cannot rely only on common values, rather we need to create such a social setup where differences of ideas are appreciated and form a pluralistic society.ReferencesDurkheim, E. (1972). Forms of social solidarity. Emile Durkheim: Selected Writings, 123-124.

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