Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work With

Published: 2021-07-06 06:31:26
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Employees like to work in a place where they are recognized and appreciated. There are many ways in which organizations show that they value their workers. The companies that have made it to the 100 best companies to work for have the same benefit for their employees. The top 20 companies that made it to the list are Plante Moran, USAA, Cooley, capital one financial, Styker, Texas health resources, quicken benefits, Deloitte, kimley-horn, workday, Hyatt hotels, Genentech, Baird, Intuit, quicken loans, Edward Jones, Wegmans food market, ultimate software, Kimpton hotels and restaurants ,the Boston consulting group, and sales force.Some of the offers that are common in all these companies are that they have generous bonuses. Employees feel motivated when they get compensated well for their hard work. Secondly, these companies offer a work-life balance. Employees will work better when their lives as going smoothly. Additionally, the firms have college tuition reimbursement. Most employees enjoy working in an organization that offers the college tuition reimbursement. Employees get back the money they used in their education. Another offer that these companies offer their workers is a non-discrimination policy. Workers feel protected thanks to this policy.The organizations in the top 20 also offer sick days for part-timers. Part-time employees also need to feel that they belong to the company and by offering sick days they can do their work as required. All these benefits and offer no doubt made these company the best to work for in 2018. The firm put the employee welfare on top of their list. The culture in these organizations is on where employees can contribute their opinions on how to improve the organization. Such incentives make the employees feel part and parcel of the organization. Thus, the productivity will improve since employees know that their opinions are being respected.ReferenceFortune. 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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