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The current world we are living in is a dynamic world; technology has brought about various changes here and there. Therefore resulting in absolutes, new experiences from the impacts resulted from the developed measures introduced now and then. With this significant contribution of technology impact, various unsustainable products have contributed heavily to the environment whereby the animals, plants and human being have experienced the effect created. There have been absolute climatic and environmental changes as a result brought by the use of the sustainable products. In this paper, I will focus on the use of fuel and fossils as the means of sustainable products heavily used for the past century. Fuel and fossils play significant role in the modern word from past decades up to now. With this, a lot of carbon emissions have been exposing to the environment[1]. These emissions have therefore lead to considerable degradation of the environment. Hence new methods are needed to be implemented to assisting making world a better place to live in without the existing health hazards as experienced.To start with, carbon emission is significantly produced heavily on the motor industry since the number of vehicles is rising every day. Since the industrial revolution days, the fossils fuel burning has played the significant role in on enhancing the greenhouse effects which cause the earth’s temperature to rise of almost 1°C. Therefore, this making the global warming that is being experienced today. The burning of fossils fuels, being the most crucial sources of the emissions that increase the earth’s temperature. Different places around the world have recorded the rise melting ice sheets, glaciers, and permafrost which is some primary cause for the increase in sea levels.The increase in the number of motor cars which are heavily dependent on fuel use, therefore, contributes a high percentage of exposing the poisonous gas to the environment. This has transpired the overall effect on the ozone layer which is the result; the ozone layer is no longer able to play its role in filtering the sun rays. This directly impacts to changes climatic conditions whereby some places are becoming so hot where others are experiencing massive flooding. Thus just to be specific on the role of motor cars on degradation the both the climatic and the environment condition. Therefore no fossils fuel being the fundamental environmental degrader in the current world.Furthermore, burning of fossil fuel has also contributed global warming which has led to changing the weather patterns in various places. This changes have therefore affected both the human society and nature and seem to continually increase with worse effects in cases the gas emissions are continued to be released.The rise of gas release, therefore, is damaging climate as well as the physical environment. Indeed, the most visible global warming effects can be recorded in permafrost, the Arctic as glaciers and the sea ice rapidly meeting. Releases of this gases are thus endangering the entire environment in various forms that comprise sea level rise, desertification, tornados and stronger hurricanes, intensified melting both ice and snow. These changes bring up instability conditions on the world’s climate, thus changing the healthy living conditions for the living creature and plants[2].However, the abnormally high levels of the accumulating gases encourage to accumulate in the air, and hence more temperature gets stuck and then leads to the overall experience enhancement effects. The burning of fossil fuel triggered emissions, thus, laying a significant increase in the environment condition levels whereby the levels are rising throughout the world temperatures and resulting in global warming. Without these gases natural process the earth surface would be very hospitable for both humans, other creatures for their existence[3].Ideally, science has proven the so claimed environment changes as a result of Sustainability products fossil fuel being one of the key aspects. Throughout the process of fuel burning to release of the gases. The process involves fuel as means of power products help drove he engines. By burning all the rich materials in the fuel the remains and other extracts are released to the environment as exhaust gases. By this role, the gases released are not environment-friendly, and they, however, adds the rate of carbon mixture in the air hence risking the environment system that is heavily relied on by animals, plants and human beings life.Naturally, the ratio mix of the air is adequately supportive to both the living beings and animals in the world, but with the added contribution, some effects are experienced whereby insufficient ratio is and poisonous gases are highly putting the livings at significant health risk to survive with the running motor industry that runs the fuel burning . The more the exposers of these gases, the more chance the environment is undergoing since even the vegetation is profoundly affected due to the climatic condition changing hence reducing the average and beautiful, magnificent outlook of the environment. Therefore the overall climate is becoming less supportive of both plants, animal and human beings life. With this great measures are therefore necessary to implement as soon as possible to help save the current and more so the future generation. By observing the essential means, this is the need to be subjective by the respective parties, e.g. government and other non-governmental organizations to lay down accurate measures. By being keen on the fossil fuel industry, thus something crucial has to be done in time to help produce the significant impact of the environmental degradation. Therefore new techniques and systematic technology that is better for fuel burning have to be enhanced in due effect.First of all, the motor industry has to embrace the hybrid system. With this, the industry will conveniently manufacture all the vehicles driven by the electric powers system hence reducing the rate of carbon emission as experienced today. On efforts to archive this, the various car model will be most recommendable and highly appreciated by a respective institution that governs the control of the carbon emissions to the environment[4]. All the stakeholders must work day and night to archive this goal to enhance changes that will save a generation and not just one, but a sequence of them due to adaptable and habitable environ.Nevertheless before then, in case of any discomfort to implementing this, the manufactures should also adopt some modification on the catalectic converter system so as to reduce the rate of the carbon released on the exhaust. The restriction and converting the poisonous gas into a consumable production the environment will, therefore, reduce the rate of toxic emission. Thereby saving the environment and entire life process.By strategizing and being objective on use of the hybrid cars shortly, these activities will guarantee adequate safeguard of the environment and thus reducing the effect on degrading it. By focusing on the fuel burning rate, therefore there is a sufficient need for respective farms to adopt and embrace the low or less use of the fossil fuel which are the primary producers of the carbon emissions that risks the environment system. Hence more implementation of the motor car industry to sufficiently produce more cars which are environmentally friendly. By reduction on these emissions, the lifespan for both the animals and the human beings might shift to a different higher-level and also reduction of health hazards as experienced in the current world.Additionally, the use of hybrid cars is efficient since the electric component might be compatible with almost every other electric vehicles since the electrical standard works the same under the standard unit. Performance and efficiency is an aspect that is achievable by encouraging the use of the hybrid motor cars hence rise in demand than the current situation. By this, the hybrid vehicles are known for kicking leisurely doing the acceleration at a point whereby the same type but a gasoline engine is usually weak. Therefore giving a better admiration for the services found an electric motor car. The electric vehicle is designed to be cheap and easy to operate. This makes it more user-friendly regarding operation environment-friendly.In conclusion, regulation the use of fossil fuel since it is a sustainable product will help to develop and naturalize the environment. By initiating several measures on the motor car industry will assist in reducing the rate of carbon emission as experienced in the current world. This will reduce the entire experience in global warming has resulted in from the burning of fossil fuels which lead pathetic global warming. The health hazards from the rise of temperature and other similar conditions resulted from global warming wok drastically reduce by embracing the reduction of the carbon released into the environment. Hence more habitable and accommodative atmosphere for the animals, plants and human beings life process. Therefore the motor industry should profoundly embrace the use of electric engines to evaluate the current disaster resulted from the billions of gallons burnt in result to global warming. Great tomorrow will be archived from effective measures as implemented by respective stakeholders to eliminate the heavy use of Fossil fuels which as a result lead to releases of poisonous gas in the environment and thus the need for change shifting to electric car engines. BibliographyDeutsch, Curtis A., Joshua J. Tewksbury, Raymond B. Huey, Kimberly S. Sheldon, Cameron K. Ghalambor, David C. Haak, and Paul R. Martin. “Impacts of climate warming on terrestrial ectotherms across latitude.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, no. 18 (2008): 6668-6672. Bellouin, N., W. J. Collins, I. D. Culverwell, P. R. Halloran, S. C. Hardiman, T. J. Hinton, C. D. Jones et al. “The HadGEM2 family of met office unified model climate configurations.” Geoscientific Model Development 4, no. 3 (2011): 723-757. Lackner, K. S. 2018. “Sustainability Of Fossil Fuels”. Adsabs.Harvard.Edu. power, J.d. 2018. “The Advantages Of Hybrid Cars”. J.D. Power Cars., K. S. 2018. “Sustainability Of Fossil Fuels”. Adsabs.Harvard.Edu. ↑(2008): 6668-6672. Bellouin, N., W. J. Collins, I. D. Culverwell, P. R. Halloran, S. C. Hardiman, T. J. Hinton, C. D. Jones et al. “The HadGEM2 family of met office unified model climate configurations.” Geoscientific Model Development 4, no. 3 (2011): 723-757. ↑Deutsch, Curtis A., Joshua J. Tewksbury, Raymond B. Huey, Kimberly S. Sheldon, Cameron K. Ghalambor, David C. Haak, and Paul R. Martin. “Impacts of climate warming on terrestrial ectotherms across latitude.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, no. 18 (2008): 6668-6672. ↑power, J.d. 2018. “The Advantages Of Hybrid Cars”. J.D. Power Cars. ↑

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