Freedom of Speech Critique Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:49
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Freedom of speech is one of the most important amendments in the bill of rights as adopted back in 1791. It gives the people a sense of control over their own government hence regulating its excesses. This text looks into various aspects of this clause and its implications to different institutions in the society. The author highlights the significance of the amendment in history by deriving its key role in major political events. An example of such is in the instance of the civil rights movement back in 1960. The people of African American descent took to marching and boycotts with an end to achieving equal rights from a government that was based on segregation.The freedom of speech as demonstrated in this context goes a long way to mobilize a social movement towards a certain course. This can be very effective in attaining results as illustrated in the success of the civil rights movement. The government was coerced into eradicating segregated social amenities as well as availing equal employment opportunities and regulated use of literacy tests. As such there is a great need to exercise some form of control over this amendment as it is prone to be misused. Such may be in the case of instigating a group against the other for self-interest and such. The government in its laws has special cases when this freedom may be restricted in a bid to check political opportunism.The author has gone forward to illustrate the modern day application of this particular clause by comparing the political system in America and that in North Korea. The evolution of political systems in America allows for a more liberal system that accords certain privileges and autonomy to its citizens. In North Korea however the freedom of speech has to be restricted in order to preserve the system of control. The strategic use of violence and violation of .personal rights acts as a strong incentive to keep people in line.From this account we can derive a dynamic understanding of the freedom of speech and its significance in countering poor government policies and tyrannical regimes. The author not only looks at its relevance in helping correcting the wrongs in an oppressive system but its contribution in human development by providing a more accountable government that is responsive to everyone’s needs.

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