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Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:01
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The proximity principle that rules friendship points out that the more alike two persons are, the higher the probability of association. Friendship leans toward homogeneity since people associate with those that they share common interests with (Hassan, Salgado, &Pavón 2011). The intuitive dynamic of friendship also states that two individuals can progress from strangers to acquaintances and finally become friends at a faster rate, if they have similar interests, unlike those with different interests. Friendship dynamics can be positive, strengthening the relationship between friends, or negative, therefore, drawing friends apart.The relationship I have with my best friend is based on homogeneity as we share common interests, social and demographic aspects. According to Spencer and Pahl (2006), friendship requires a lot of commitment for it to be beneficial (Spencer &Pahl 2006). My best friend and I have fully invested in our friendship by being there for each other during both good and bad times. None of us is ever too busy for the other. For instance, we ensure that we create time to hang out so that we may strengthen our friendship. Additionally, my friend and I ensure that our relationship is based on making each other happy and going to great lengths to see each other happy.Vernom (2005), states that the foundation of trust in relationships is based on understanding each other (Vernon 2005). We managed to build trust in our relationship through being honest with each other, being concerned about each other’s well-being, practicing empathy, having each other’s back and by being committed to each other. Through honesty and trust, we got to achieve acceptance by appreciating each other’s flaws and learning to live with our imperfections. Moreover, we got to achieve closeness by spending more time together especially during leisure, sharing personal experiences and carrying out activities together. Hence, our friendship dynamics are positive and consistent with those identified by researchers since we were brought together by similar aspects, progressed from strangers to acquaintances and eventually became friends which further developed into best friends.ConclusionFriendship is an aspect that requires trust, commitment and acceptance for it to be successful. Friendship dynamics could either be positive or negative. A relationship with a positive friendship dynamic progresses from strangers to acquaintances and finally ends in friendship.ReferencesHassan, S., Salgado, M., &Pavón, J. (2011). Friendship dynamics: modelling social relationships through a fuzzy agent-based simulation. Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2011.Spencer, L., &Pahl, R. (2006). Rethinking Friendship: Hidden solidarities today. Princeton University Press.Vernon, M. (2005). The philosophy of friendship. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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