Fundamental of Reimbursement in Healthcare

Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:07
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The Consequences of not Utilizing Current Codes and ChargesThere are a number of consequences if the current codes and charges are not utilized. Among these consequences, some may be the suffering of the medical facility due to delayed and denied reimbursements. The non-utilization of the current charges and codes adversely affects the medical health facility in terms of financial viability as the operational efficiency is not achieved. Moreover, non-utilization may also have a negative impact on the optional reimbursement.Effect of Using CDM of Last YearIn the case that the CDM of the last year is used, the bottom line of the current year would be deeply affected and it would impact the compensation and the resources that the health facility used. In addition, it may also put the health facility at a great risk of violations of the compliance and not to mention a loss of reimbursements, regardless of the size of the facility. On the same note, the budget of the facility would also be affected as the revenue recycle management that is received at year’s end would be different. No work would be demonstrated to be accomplished that year as the compensations would stay stagnant.Result for the Healthcare FacilityThe result for the healthcare facility would be negative as there is a high risk for the facility to be completely shut down in the absence of the funds required for the purchasing of the required items. Furthermore, it would also face the same risk in the case the reimbursements are not properly allocated due to using last year’s CDM. Therefore, it is highly imperative to avoid the occurrence of any errors, because the presence of errors enhances the possibility of something wrong happening.Ensuring the Utilization of the Current CDMThe foremost step the healthcare facilities can take to ensure that the CDM of the current year is utilized is by necessarily updating their CDM every year. It is also the responsibility of the physicians working at the healthcare facility to keep and maintain the records of any services they provide. Thus, making sure that these steps are properly followed would ensure that the CDM of last year is not utilized.

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