Gender Difference in Communication

Published: 2021-07-06 06:40:11
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IntroductionGender differences we have seen in our society relies everywhere on. While linking it to the video and observing children in our surrounding making the same things like boys plays and dominate each other with their words to win the argument in the friend because they have an understanding of high status in their mind. In the reading we had we did saw that the things which boys love to have is discussing their dominance and they like to lead the things. Girls try to develop the understanding with each other and they try to be same with each other in the argument.While looking it at the other perspective where gender is debatable, we have seen the emotions and nonverbal communication gap between the genders. Women are more good in the gazing and smiling and there mostly face appearance communicate what they want to say and they are really good in that while men are not good in it and they are like more related with the verbal communication according to the reading we had.But I do not believe in these and also do not support the argument which is given in the video because we are not different but observed differently from the society. Boys and girls play together, and they develop a good friendship with each other and they play together. It is how we nourish their minds and develop their sense towards each other. Girls have the discussion like to describe their self highly even when they are a child, as i have seen these all things in my surroundings. So there is no gender difference of communication, but it is all based on the perception developed by our society and the traditional thoughts(CSU Fullerton HCOM).Works CitedCSU Fullerton HCOM. Deborah Tannen: Gender-Specific Language Rituals. 2013. YouTube,

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