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Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:28
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Conflict ResolutionGlenn Knight was a senior research scientist at a research and development laboratory. This particular laboratory was operated by the United States Department of defense. Glenn joined the laboratory in 1976. In 1988 he started working as a full-time scientist after completing his degree in maters, and Ph.D. Glenn was a competent scientist known for his contributions in research. The laboratory researched construction methods and construction materials. Glenn had completed several projects related to construction material to be used in building to make them safe during natural catastrophes such as an earthquake. Glenn latter on hired Greg to assist him in his research project. Greg had just completed his Ph.D. degree. Greg had excellent academic records and research skills that were evident through his research projects. Glenn knew that it was a good idea to hire him. Although the laboratory mostly had fresh employees at smaller projects before they were skilled enough to move on to next projects. Glenn hired Greg directly to an advanced project. Greg and Glenn worked together to produce quality research work. However, differences raised between both of them as the project proceeded. Glenn wanted Greg to collect data related to how an earthquake can affect the building. Greg was sent to California and then to San Francisco. Greg collected the data, but Glenn was not satisfied with him. Glenn was furious as data was not collected the way as desired by Glenn.Glenn later complained about his problems with dale that worsened the situation and increased conflicts between Greg and Glenn. Greg believed that Glenn had given him incomplete instructions. Glenn felt that Greg was only collecting for the use of his research. Greg felt that Glenn was fudging his data. Another reason that led to the conflict was lack of experience of Greg. Greg was appointed against the norm of the laboratory. Greg should have been allowed to learn from smaller projects before appointing him for advanced ones.1. Lack of communication and clarity of direction given by Glenn to Greg led to conflicts. Glenn should have talked to Greg directly about the issue. He should have inquired about which sort of directions were missing and how they can avoid the situation in future. Instead, Glenn complained dale about the differences. Personality differences also led to conflict (III, n.d.). Glenn believed that he was an expert in the filed while Greg considered himself as a warrior who wants to learn and improve. Glenn and Greg were competing with each other which led to the conflict. They were working on the same project yet had different approaches (Ferguson, n.d.).2. Glenn assumes that Greg is only doing work to collect data that he can use in his research. Glenn believes that Greg is not at all interested in the research project for which he has been hired. The following statement of Glenn to Greg confirms it:‘’You know what I think is going on here, I think Greg is just using my project to gather the data he wants and needs for his research. I don’t think he gives a damn about the research he is paid to do—the research on my project. My project is just a way for him to get paid to do his research. I spent a lot of money out of my project funds to send him to California, and what did I get? Nothing……….’’.Greg assumes that Glenn himself has no idea about what the data should look like. Glenn gave incomplete instructions to him. This is evident through the statement of Greg:‘’I don’t think he has a clue as to what he wants’’.3. I will give following recommendation to resolve conflict:To be more collaborative and authoritativeTeam members must be empowered, and they must discuss each matter in detail with each otherTeam members must work together to attain common interests and should work with common valuesProject goals must be kept above personal goals. Transparency and quality must be ensured by each team memberInternal competition must be avoided.4. I will tell Glenn to give some chance to Greg since he was new in the work. I will advise Glenn to talk to Greg and give him clear directions about what he wants. I will advise Glenn to equip and train Greg about how he should do the work instead of making false assumptions. I will advise Glenn to be more positive, collaborative and guiding than being authoritative. I will advise Greg to listen to the directions of Glenn. I will advise Greg to ask questions to Glenn, and he should keep on asking for assistance at every stage of data collection to avoid confusion.5. To coach both of them, I will train them to acquire active listening and communication skills. Coaching will be based on instilling collaboration. I will coach them to be positive and enthusiastic about work goals and to work together to attain them. Coaching will help these individuals to learn conflict resolution skills that do not impact work goals (UCS, n.d.).ReferencesFerguson, G. (n.d.). What Causes Conflict Between Employees in an Organization? Retrieved from Chron Website:, G. N. (n.d.). Causes of Organizational Conflict. Retrieved from Chron Website: (n.d.). Five Basic Methods For Resolving Conflict. Retrieved from University Counselling Service Website:

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