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Evidently, satire is a literary device that diminishes a subject through implementing humorous aspects. Satire evokes the amusing factor and enhances the sarcastic and contemplating feel of underlying topic. Apparently “God of Carnage” which is a strong satire play by Yasmina Reza depicts the fallacies of society specifically of wealthy ones in a sarcastic manner. Reza targets the people who become more twisted by acquiring more money. She holds up a revealing mirror up to the demeanor of the rich, semi-rich as well as people who nurture a desire to become wealthy someday. Such people never take notice of anyone else and always tend to cater their own needs. One of the leading characters, Alan says in the play that “Veronica, are we ever interested in anything but ourselves? (Reza, p. 40)Humor adds a tinge of simplicity even to morbid subjects and augments the sense of lightness through producing smiles and laughter amongst audiences. The major purpose of humor in a play is to eradicate the monotony and to remove the substance of tedium that in turn relaxes the nerves of the audience. Apparently, people do not like vague, furious and unattractive arguments. Incorporation of humorous and witty script throughout a play establishes a strong connection between characters and audience. “God of Carnage” uses witty bickering at multiple points; for instance at one point Veronique says that “Impressive sight, that child, face bashed in, teeth missing, still refusing to talk.” (Reza, p.4) Such humorous inclusion reveals the dark aspects of diplomatic dispositions in a light, smart and ironical manner. Through humor, people observe a bit of themselves in the characters of the play.Work CitedReza, Yasmina, and Christopher Hampton. God of Carnage. Faber And Faber, 2008.

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