Health Affects of Lack of Breastfeeding for Mother and Infant

Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:46
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There are considerable differences if one talks about the way overall health of the mother and infant is when is being formula feeding as compared to the breastfeeding. One of the key problems that are faced by the children who are not breastfeed is that they face increased risk of the infectious morbidity. The other major risk that is faced by the children who are not being breastfed is that they the chances of the childhood obesity are much severe in the cases where children are not breastfed. The Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes on the other hand is considered to be the major problem for the mothers who are not breastfeeding their children and it is widely believed that the risk of leukaemia is increased at much greater level. The sudden death infant syndrome is another rare disorder that can affect the health and well being of the children if they are not being breastfed (Onis, 2016). For the mothers, the major risk that is faced by the, is that how the incidence and risk of premenopausal breast cancer increases as well as the greater likelihood of the ovarian cancer for some mothers, it has been witnessed that they retained gestational weight gain is another major issue that is being faced by them. The metabolism issues for both the children and mother are also needed to be kept in mind if one talk about the long term affect of the lack of breastfeeding. The ideal thing that is being done in the cases where mothers are not breastfeeding their children is that the active counselling is provided to the mother so that they have the necessary insight when it comes to making sure that the appropriate evidence based care can be provided to both the children and the mother. These findings show that how the infant feeding is an important part in the overall healthcare of the children (Onis, 2016).ReferencesOnis, M. (2016). Breastfeeding in the WHO multicentre growth reference study. Acta Paediatrica, 95(S450), 16-26.

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