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Cultural assimilation is the situation where the language and culture of one person or group are similar to the language and culture of another group or group. Cultural appropriation means that people from different cultures use and accept elements of different culture. Also, cultural acculturation is a state in which psychological and cultural changes occur after culture appears at a certain point.The consequences of this fact are evident at different levels in these interactive cultures. However, cultural appropriation can be regarded as a negative fact among most people, and for people to whom culture is affected as well. The process of cultural appropriation is often considered to be harmful and in most cases always seems to be in violation of the intellectual property rights of other indigenous cultures. Cultural appropriation is the subject of discussion on how today’s culture is being done more and Africans are used, used, imitated by other groups. It is more common in music, art, fashion but critics say that certain cultures are only important if people of this culture participate. However, as the world of art is changing, movies are made to give people the ideal and reason to recognize budget and cultural diversity (Hurt).When watching two movies. 8 Miles and Feel the Noise, cultural aspects related to movies including the cultural absorption, cultural transformation, and possession, etc. are found in both films. These three aspects of culture are enormous in the analysis of language, customs, wealth, cultural attributes. Considering cultural assimilation, it includes people and groups that adopt new habits and traditions, and this process often loses its tradition and practice. The process of accepting something as culture and pleading as the same person is often called unauthorized without any permission.Finally, when the cultural transformation is observed, this means a change in cultural tradition and practice. Sometimes practitioners make different cultures. The movie “8 Miles” and “Feel he Noise.” Rob and B-Rabbit have found links in a way they are trying to absorb a culture they do not want to recognize in culture (Hess). When you see “Feel the Noise,” Rob Vega is a musician living in New York. Rob is very difficult for his family because he wants to be in trouble. At some point in his life, the mother was tired of the problem and decided to send him with his father to Puerto Rico. After trying to find the way to Puerto Rico, his goal was fined for music. Rob mixes New York culture and Puerto Rico culture with music and finds devotion to music.Feel the noise is released in 2007 that seems to offer the idea of ​​cultural appropriation, and also feels a cultural acculturation and cultural change respectively. This movie aims to be a rapper but talks about a young man who meets a local gangster, Rob. This child is a respected race; her mother is African American, her father is Puerto Rico. Rob came to Puerto Rico because of this thief’s break, and for the first time, he met his father. In this new life, Rob begins to be interested in the genre of popular songs in Puerto Rico. This style is called Reggae ton which is a combination of hip-hop, reggae, and Latin rhythm. The movie gives us the idea of ​​how useful and relevant cultural expenditure is, despite the fact of someone. Later we can see Rob and his new friends. They are real reggae musicians who win the great show across America (Watkins; Hess).Cultural assimilation refers to a phased process where individuals belonging to a group or specific culture, therefore, become members of accepting the culture and receive practices from the various cultures. Meanwhile, cultural appropriations are situations in which certain cultural members are used or borrowing elements from different cultures. It includes mainly the use of languages, traditions, symbols, songs and costumes without permission. They infringed the intellectual property rights of indigenous cultures and explained that they are bad and harmful. Also, cultural acculturation is the process of psychological and cultural change as a result of encounters of different cultures. It may result in a correlation between two or more cultures, resulting from changes in habits, beliefs or antiques in the contemporary society, especially American society respectively (Matteoli). Cultural appropriation and assimilation are widespread. It should be noted that there are many tribes with different cultural backgrounds in the United States. The fact that they live together makes them take part in cultural features and even absorb them. The impact of these cultural mergers in the music industry is largely observed. “Feel the Noise” movie shows well-adapted themes. It goes somewhere and Harlem rapper to acquire a new African rhythm and musical style.He was the man who lived most of his life in America, but Rob was able to become part of a Reggae ton movement. Therefore, when he enter a new country, he will adopt a fulfilling life, regular cultural recruitment. As the artist takes look, it can enter into a new culture to provide something depending on creativity, so it is seen as a positive thing for art and music culture. Therefore, there is an aesthetic value if there is an ethical argument favouring creativity. As the interaction and most people criticize him, this movie remembered that they lived in a multicultural world, the fact that they were trying to make the most of cultural acquisitions. Consequently, in this way, people are forced to take on a new form in their work, especially when it comes to art, this decision is the cause of creation.8 miles – a film devoted to hip-hop and young white rapper with the name of B-Rabbit trying to develop his rap career. The problem is that African Americans control this genre. White America, and hip-hop blacks – the film also tries to give a viewer acquisition culture idea like B-Rabbit. Starting career is difficult for him. The majority of audiences still want to listen to African American rap, so it will be hard to sell records. Because they are not black, these African-Americans cannot give someone the opportunity to express themselves through rap, so in such circumstances, the film also has the problem of racial discrimination is showing. Surprisingly, film B – Rabbit was able to establish the legitimacy of hip-hop in response to presentation of rap ideas on how eggs are socially beneficial. Reliability of hip-hop is often described as an artist who must be through legal and authentic, social struggle in many cases. However, white rapper, like B-Rabbit 8 miles, which can reach the audience strategy including such tradition and culture adventure. This cultural addiction – so-called cultural awards to viewers, heroes needed to enter into African-American culture, so I find my way and have fun, but the unique style is my own I forgot the colour of my skin.Work CitedHess, Mickey. “Hip-Hop Realness and the White Performer.” Critical Studies in Media Communication, vol. 22, no. 5, 2005, pp. 372–89.Hurt, Byron. Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes. Media Education Foundation, 2008.Matteoli, Richard L. The Munchausen Complex: Socialization of Violence and Abuse. Dog Ear Publishing, 2011.Watkins, S.Craig. Representing: Hip Hop Culture and the Production of Black Cinema. University of Chicago Press, 1998.

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