How Community Empowerment and Community Organization Play a Major Role In Health Promotion.

Published: 2021-07-07 00:25:08
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1. Introduction:Currently there are number of community level theories being observed in the health promotion. These theories are significant since they play an important role in the understanding and panning of the idea of health promotions and the diseases that patients can encounter. Health belief model is considered important in the health promotion since it focuses on the health of the individual people involved. In the same way the ecological model is essential since it holds the tendency to assess a number of factors including interpersonal factors and community factors involved. All these policies make public policies more effective in adding strength to the health promotion.2. Basic Concepts:Some of the basic concepts related to the community level theory include interpersonal factors, organizational factors, and the idea of fathering information in community level models, demonstration of acts, assistance and public policies. As far as interpersonal factors are concerned these factors are necessary in the ecological model. These factors highlight the interaction of the subject with the people around and the impact of social factors as well. Besides this, organizational factors are the factors that discuss rules, regulation and policies that may be affecting the individual in any way. The idea of gathering information is important sine information is gathered through primary and secondary sources. Acts are demonstrated through set of skills while assistance can be manual and computerized as well. Public policies decide the extent of promotion of the health care.3. Case/Example:Community level theories are found used in assessing the role of the behavioral changes in prevention of injury. One such analysis was done by Andrea, in which the author with the help of different subjects highlighted the example of road safety. This is one of the examples found. While discussing the idea of road safety one never forgets to mention the behavioral counter measures and the lag observed between the researches done on road safety and these measures. Passive protection provided by passenger-side air bags is one common example which defines the use of community theories in it. Community theories have taught the parents of how children should be placed on back seat due to safety concern involved in it.4. Recommendations:To enhance the role of the Community Empowerment and Community Organization, more training session should be given to the general public. Other than this, the experts should be given an idea of the working related to new models and the needs to implement them in health promotion as Andrea has mentioned in case of injury prevention. Besides this, the protection of child and their supervision should never be forgotten while highlighting the importance of health in the models. The practice arena of the models should come up with partnership for better research tools.References:Gielen, A. (2018). Application of Behavior-Change Theories and Methods to Injury Prevention. Retrieved 21 March 2018, from, r. (2018). Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Theories and Models – Rural Toolkit. Retrieved 21 March 2018, from

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