How is Your Phone Changing You?

Published: 2021-07-07 00:01:17
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Access of people to smartphones is easier nowadays, the person who has nothing to eat neither have a place to live but still shockingly he holds the phone. The video mainly enlists the drawbacks of the excessive use of the smartphone. How they have changed and affected our lifestyle (How Is Your Phone Changing You?, 2016). People prefer social networking over social interaction, book reading, and physical activities. 93% of Teenagers use cell phones to get rid of boredom which leads to addition, the addiction of constantly checking new notifications, new alerts, newsfeeds, and games. This kind of phone addiction leads to severe health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and obesity. It also affects our eyesight due to use of the phone at bedtime. The blue light emitted from the cell phones screen causes nearsightedness and sleep apnea. Due to less sleep, our body can’t produce more Melatonin (a Harmon responsible for regulation of sleep wave cycle). To cure the addiction Howard medical school advice to read book 2 hours before going to bed. 7% of Americans depend on smartphones to access the internet. According to a study conducted in 2014, users use the phone to look out for medical information, online baking and searching for jobs.This video gave the proper illustration of the side effects of using the phone. They proved their point with real-life examples, statistics, proofs, and research studies which were convincing enough.According to my experience, I can agree with this video because I declare myself a phone addict or with reference to the video I can say that I have No Mobile phobia (fear or anxiety being without your phone) which lead me to sleep disorder. I can also relate myself to the point where the video discusses compulsion loop which is an urge of checking your phone again and again for new alerts.The strength of video is the use of motion graphics, discussion to the point, real-time examples, statistics, and research studies these things are enough to gain the attention of the user. Weakness is short time video it could have discussed bad impact (morally) on young generation by use of smartphones.ReferencesHow Is Your Phone Changing You?. 2016. [Film] Directed by Gregory Brown Mitchell Moffit. Toronto, ON: Asapscience.

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