Human Growth and Development Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:16
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Theory of Psychosocial DevelopmentIn this theory, Erik Erikson believed that the development of human personality goes on over its whole life. From the children to become adult, the growth never stops. Children prepare themselves by dealing with the peers in school. This either give them a sense of inferiority or sense of competence. The newborn child got developed in a family having specific language, specific foods to eat, having a particular religion. So that child will bring up and acquire that culture because the very first source of socialization is his family. In the young adulthood, people come across developing a relationship with others, if they failed to do so they socially separated from the society and become lonely.Lev Vygotsky Cultural-historical theoryHis theory of cultural-historical tells how signs and symbol system are necessary for code and note information of the cultures. The art of expression, how people transmit and maintain a relationship and cultural around the generations. Language is a human’s most effective characteristic that distinguishes it from other species. A student would never be able to learn from the teacher if they don’t have the specific and effective way of sharing ideas and information. This aspect helps a person to socialize with anyone and learn about their values and different manners. That socializing helps in building personality and getting confident.Behavior Genetic ModelRobert Plomin and Sandra Scarr developed the theory of behavior genetic model. He proposed that the genetic and gender refers to how society excepts you to behave. There will be a significant difference between the adopted children to their adopted parents. Moreover, gender also changes the assumption of behavior. Girls are expected to be weak and can’t do manual work easily. While boys are considered to be strong. This leads towards inequality and affects the intellectual and emotional development about how someone is expected to behave.ReferencesMcCammon, R. W. (1970). Human growth and development. Human growth and development.Rogoff, B. (2003). The cultural nature of human development. Oxford University Press.Bronfenbrenner, U. (2009). The ecology of human development. Harvard university press.

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