Human Impacts on the Sustainability of Groundwater

Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:06
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ThesisIf the current development by humans does not change, the sustainability of groundwater will reduce.Data collection methodData was collected through research from the 2000s to date. The research was conducted on the development of various categories including the level of farming, the industrial development, size of the population, levels of groundwater, the effect on the forests as well as the ocean and saltwater intrusion. The research indicated that with the fast level of human development, the levels of the groundwater have been decreasing with time (Pokhrel eta al, 2015). This was mainly indicated by the intrusion of the salty sea water into the areas previously occupied by the fresh water.Outcome of the researchThe research indicated various facts that may have led to the continued depletion of the freshwater sources. First, the size of the forested areas has been decreasing with time. This means that the water catchment areas have been destroyed at a faster rate than other trees have been planted. On the other hand, the size of the population has been increasing all through, therefore increasing the rate of freshwater consumption. Industrial as well as urban development has increased over time, creating the need to extract more groundwater for the people to consume (Rockström et al, 2017). Therefore, groundwater has been pelted at a faster rate than the efforts to reclaim it has been put in place and implemented. As a result, the study indicated a reduction in the level of groundwater.Analysis and conclusionThe research and the findings served well in confirming the thesis that if development is not checked upon, the groundwater levels will be negatively affected. Evidence about this is clear, for instance, with the intrusion of ocean water to the previously occupied groundwater levels. There is, therefore, a need to devise the human development to fit the need for sustainable development.ReferencesPokhrel, Y. N., Koirala, S., Yeh, P. J. F., Hanasaki, N., Longuevergne, L., Kanae, S., & Oki, T. (2015). Incorporation of groundwater pumping in a global Land Surface Model with the representation of human impacts. Water Resources Research, 51(1), 78-96.Rockström, J., Williams, J., Daily, G., Noble, A., Matthews, N., Gordon, L., … & de Fraiture, C. (2017). Sustainable intensification of agriculture for human prosperity and global sustainability. Ambio, 46(1), 4-17.

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