Human Resource Management Personal Statement

Published: 2021-07-07 00:15:06
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From this course I have learned that HRM is basically the art to develop and maintain the workforce in order to achieve the organizational goals efficiently. It not only helps to achieve the organizational goals but individual goals as well. I also want to further learn about the Human Resource management concepts. The concept of HRM is to manage people at work. I am excited to learn about the different policies procedures and practices that are specially designed for the organization and the individuals to achieve their goals.Human resource also deals with different people at work. As in one organization different people work I was surprised by the fact that how the organization helps in acquiring the people and developing their skills to achieve both long term and short term goals. The organization also motivates and appreciates people to achieve better outcomes. It also ensures that the employees and committed to their work. In future I would also like to use different management strategies to ensure the employees are working to attain higher goals. I have also learned and experienced different Human resource strategies that would help to achieve the results effectively and efficiently. It is a big challenge to bring out more motivated and committed employees in the organization. From this course I have learned that ethics and fairness among the employees is also important in order to make the employees committed and happy.Further I would like to learn and study more about Human Resource management policies of communication at different level. And also about the Human Resource strategies that have great impact of the individuals and business process. I am of the view that effective communication is the key to ultimate success. I want to learn how to maintain a quality work life.

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