Humane Society in Southern Arizona

Published: 2021-07-07 00:04:15
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IntroductionThe Humane Society in Southern Arizona is the oldest and the largest non-profit organization located in southern Arizona that serves pets and the people who adore and love them. The HSSA is an independent non-profit charitable organization that aims to improve and provide a better life for dogs, cats, and other furry small animals that live with human beings. Also, the organization aims to provide a better, comfortable, and suitable environment for everyone in Southern Arizona, more specifically in Tucson. We provide shelter and the best care for homeless pets and also necessary services that ensure all pets are cared for and loved. More specifically, this paper covers three key attributes or features of differentiation that the HSSA offers to efficiently serve and care for pets and the people who love them.First, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona offers affordable and high-quality Spay and Neuter for all pets in the Southern Arizona community. At the HSSA, we believe that prevention saves lives, therefore we provide affordable spay and neuter services for better and healthier pets. We use this method to prevent pet overpopulation and homelessness which ensure that all pets are well taken care of and loved. Further, pets that have undergone spay and neuter are unlikely to experience heat cycles, accidental pregnancies and also unwanted kittens and puppies. This reduces inconveniences and extra expenses to pet owners. We invite all pet owners to bring their furry friends to our clinic for spaying and neutering when they are three to six months old.Secondly, we provide microchip services to ensure that all pets are accounted for and safe. When your pet is missing there is only a ten percent chance that you will find him without a microchip. At HSSA, we value the safety of all pets, therefore, we use microchips on all pets. We record and store the pets unique identification code with their owner’s name, therefore a quick scan will help to identify the owner of a lost pet. Visit our clinic today and get your pet microchipped so that he can always get back to you. It is a quick and safe procedure whereby we insert the rice-sized chip between your pet’s shoulders where it cannot be removed. Additionally, we offer this service at a very affordable cost in all our vaccination clinics during the normal vaccination clinic hours.Thirdly, we offer Pet VIP Therapy and visitation program which improves human-animal bond and also bring comfort to those who need it. Through the Pet VIP Therapy and Visitation program, the HSSA share pets unconditional love to those who need it. We take our trained and certified pets to people in different facilities such as hospitals, mental health centres, children’s homes and schools. We introduced the pet visitation program to promote and maintain wellness in the Tucson community. Volunteers in this program experience emotional, health, and psychological benefits of this therapy for it helps in lowering blood pressure, reduces anxiety, it boosts the immune system, decreases aggression and increases socialization and communication. We invite different facilities to fill in a request form or visit our clinic and request for our Pet visitation therapy and change the life of a sad or a sick person around you in Southern Arizona.ConclusionIn conclusion, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona provide the best pet care services and training including vaccination that help to improve the lives of all pets and pet lovers in the community. Additionally, we offer pet adoption services and we invite everyone who needs a furry animal comfort to visit our clinic in Tucson and adopt a pet to your liking.

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