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Today’s word changing technology has enabled people communicate through internet. More than thirds of the world’s population are using the internet to connect, meet new people and make friends. Facebook twitter, Instagram and snap chat with over 3 billion active users. WhatsApp skype, video calls, email , chat messages among other communication services have turned the world into a small globe and has allowed people communicate efficiently with eachother.But perhaps what we should be asking yourself is whether the internet has brought us together or is just physically pulling us from each other.Socializing is a necessity to any human kind. Internet communication is allowing us to connect with different people. Imagine a world without connection. Any normal being will get exhausted of loneliness and boredom. Internet connection plays a pivotal role to a healthy overall groth and development of an individual. Research shows that people who are brought up in lonely place tend to expirince more problems as they grow up compared to those brought up in themidst of lots of social contact. (Brian, 2017)The internet allows us to communicate with each other within seconds regardless of the distance pulling us apart. Internet connections allows as meet different kind of people. this creates positive relations with across people of different ethnicities by understanding different cultures hence promoting union and peace. Real social networks and friendship relations have been formedInternet socialization it gives one develop self-confidence and interrelation skilss, relive stress and anciety and provide it is always a source of fun, joy and happiness meeting and making new friends online.friends we provide moral, social and emotional support .one gets occupied in social connection prevents yourself from indulging in evil practicesOn the other side, internet connection has other detrimental effect. Accessibility of internet in our homes has pulled people away from each other People will tend to stay at their homes and get reluctant to physically contact with each other’s, this slowly kills the warmth of friendship. The human touch. This isolate people and eventually causing end of connection and relations. Online relationships has also been a major cause of breakups in a relationship.The internet is also turning people, especially teens to will spend hours surfing and browsing in the internet. People are spending hours in internet forgetting their social obligations and duties. This leaves minimum contact with surrounding people, isolating from them and making one loss the interpersonal communication skills. This cause negative impact in socializing and connecting with People around.Internet communication causes a gap bridge between those who can and access network from those who are illiterate, or cannot connect via the internet. Making it hardly impossible to socialize .The relations between the young nd the old who are slowly adapting catch up with technology is deteriorating. This isolates relationship between the two groups.In conclusion internet connection and socialization advantages surpasses its disadvantages. If well used, internet connection makes people more socialized than individualistic We need to accept and adapt to the changing technology around usReferenceAlex, B., 2017 9BENEFITS OF SOCIALISING Holistic Lifestyle retrieved from http// justbreathing.comBrignall III, T.W. and Van Valey, T., 2005. The impact of internet communications on social interaction. Sociological Spectrum, 25(3), pp.335-348Thompson, S., 1996. Internet connectivity: addiction and dependency study (Doctoral dissertation, Pennsylvania State University).Underwood, H. and Findlay, B., 2004. Internet relationships and their impact on primary relationships. Behaviour Change, 21(2), pp.127-140.

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