Introduction to Logistic Management

Published: 2021-07-07 00:15:48
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Technology advancement creates an opportunity of timely communication which includes feedback mechanism. Most corporations institute technology to their operations. Companies conduct routine activities that include continuous purchase of raw materials from suppliers and sale of final products to customers. M2M is a system enabled by the use of internet technology to complete transactions between the business and suppliers (Boswarthick, Elloumi, & Hersent, 2012).An M2M system uses wireless modules. Generally, the sensors used are embedded in the computers of the company and the supplies. The devices in the offices of the two businesses are involved in completing transactions. The sensors in the devices of the companies engage in the transmission of data. Therefore, once data is keyed into one device then the sensors will transmit the data within each device as requested by the existing applications in the device (Theoleyre, & Pang, 2013).A communication link is engaged between the two devices. The link connects the device of the company to the devices of the supplier and to the computer server. The link allows data transmission of data from one device to the other devises. It is at this point the supplier is able to access the information which is on a real time basis. A software program is incorporated to allow the supplier or the companies to act upon the data transmitted and make decisions regarding the transactions (Ratasuk, Prasad, Li, Ghosh, & Uusitalo, 2015). The software interface opens the data in a readable and accessible manner. M2M enables companies to access real time data and make timely decisions.The data is vulnerable and its access could lead to losses. Passwords are created to restrict unauthorized data access and ensure the data remains within the involved parties. The passwords will allow storage of data since the restricted access will allow the data to remain intact for a longer period.ReferencesBoswarthick, D., Elloumi, O., & Hersent, O. (Eds.). (2012). M2M communications: a systems approach. John Wiley & Sons.Ratasuk, R., Prasad, A., Li, Z., Ghosh, A., & Uusitalo, M. A. (2015, February). Recent advancements in M2M communications in 4G networks and evolution towards 5G. In Intelligence in Next Generation Networks (ICIN), 2015 18th International Conference on (pp. 52-57). IEEE.Theoleyre, F., & Pang, A. C. (Eds.). (2013). Internet of Things and M2M Communications. River Publishers.

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