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Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:35
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XYZ RoadCity [email protected] Inc,California22nd April, 2018Dear Sir, I am an undergraduate in the degree of BSc Hons in Business Information Technology at Coventry University. I am a second year student and will complete my degree after 2 years from now. I found out this job opportunity at ‘Google Jobs’. I was highly excited to see the vacant position for Quantitative Business Analyst. Your company is no doubt the best in the world and has an excellent international browsing ranking. This boosted me up to apply for the job along with my studies.The reason I want to join this firm is that I want to work there and sharpen my abilities more and do something great for the great firm. I am fully aware of the requirements for this position and that’s why I am applying with confidence. I am learning the quantitative analysis strategies and tools and also working on the web designing and working of the portal systems.I am fully aware about the mission statement and core values of Google Inc. Also, every job requires some personal traits along with technical skills. I am good at controlling nerves, thus, I can handle the stress and pressure if anything goes opposite to my will and plans. Also, I can handle the conflicts proficiently. With time, everyone learns to adopt the changes and in my opinion, it takes enthusiasm and some willpower to do it. Thus, I will do it all my heart to be good at communication, culture, and business. I have done some projects at university and I am hopeful to do more successfully in the following years.I have attached my resume and experience letter. I hope you’ll found me eligible enough for the post and will consider my passion and working will more than the practical exposure in the market. Thank you for your consideration!Yours faithfully,

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