Job Stress and Employee Creativity: The mediating role of Emotional Intelligence

Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:29
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SummaryThe article ( Naseem, 2017) investigated and tried to minimize the job stress among the individuals by mediating the relationship through emotional intelligence. The data was collected from the employees of Suzuki Company through the self-reported questionnaires. The sample size for measuring the job stress and emotional intelligence and creativity was 150. After the collection of data through the questionnaire it was entered in to SPSS version 24. Various inferential techniques including correlation, validity and reliability and regression analysis is used in this survey to analyze the results. At first, the validity of the items is checked by Cronbach alpha and after that descriptive statistics is calculated to check the appropriateness of the data. The results of the Regression analysis showed that the employees that have higher emotional level will perceive the less stress and have higher level of creativity. The article came to conclusion that the job stress and employees creativity have a mediator variable emotional intelligence which accommodates the relationship between both variables.ReferencesNaseem, K. (2017). Job Stress and Employee Creativity: The mediating role of Emotional Intelligence. International Journal of Management Excellence, 9(2), 1050-1058.

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